President’s Day: Tortilla Flats and Goldfield Ghost Town

We took the girls to the Goldfield Ghost Town on President’s Day and to the restaurant at Tortilla Flats. I think Mr. 72 had a better time than the girls did but it was fun to go explore a little bit. It is just a neat old west town with some shops, a chapel, jail, train rides and a mine you can tour. We didn’t do the train ride or mine but plan on coming back to do it! The girls got a tad scared when the horns blew and the train “choo-choo” was too loud for E’s liking. So we just played around and looked at the gift shops and hat store and then threw H in jail for a picture.

We took them to the restraurant at Tortilla Flats which was super busy but we got in quick. They decorated the place with dollar bills and the usual old west town memorabilia. The bar stools were old saddles too! The ladies bathroom was a bit concerning because the door was short so you could see the person in there….just their head, but still. The door also had a woman’s body painted on it to make it a tad more awkward for everyone involved…even the passerby’s since they did not have the door closed to the entrance of the bathroom…they may want to rethink this business plan.

Anyway, it was a good President’s Day. We came home early so I could go pick up little man, then had some relax time at the park and home and tacos for dinner. All in all it was a memorable day 🙂


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