Buggy Birthday!

Happy Birthday Buggy!

Wow….just looked back over the past year, what a year! We have had so much fun I can’t believe it was all jammed into one tiny year. Although this year won’t be as eventful, I still want to take time to say I LOVE YOU and so happy you were born and are here in my life. I must say, I think you get better every year and can’t wait to see where this next year of living goes! I hope you had a fantastic birthday!

Dinner at The Dhaba in Tempe…it was spicy and delicious. I can see why it is so popular! Don’t let the exterior building throw you off…go in, dine, review for yourself.

I also gave buggy a horseback riding present scheduled for next week. Read about it here.

I love you!

Last Years Birthday – Biff and Rabbit Tail and 40 Reasons


Fun that has been had

Fun. The last two months have been fun…a tad stressful at times, but overall FUN. A quick update in pictures 🙂

1: We went to a Foals concert on 4/18/13 at Marquee Theater in Tempe. Super good band, check them out if you haven’t already!

2: My sister was in town for the weekend in April. We got a chance to go out as an adult couple group. We went to Tapas Papas Frita and another hidden swanky bar after. If I could remember the name of the bar I’d tell you but …it escapes me at the moment. It was pretty cool, they had couches everywhere, it was dark and keg-like, plus live music and slow dancing. Next time me and the Mr. go, we are definitely dancing when sibling eyes are making fun of us, hehe. It was fun watching my sister and her hubs try after 5,000 attempts to get a picture they liked at dinner, lol. Such good looking family I have 😉

3: We met the family at San Tan Flats on Saturday for lunch. This is cool place for kids; cowboys, ranch, fire pits, things to climb on…even smores at night!

4: Summa-summa-time! Yup April marks the start of summer in AZ. Get ready, it’s about to get SUPA hot!

Life progression

Holy Cats! Life changes fast!Picture1

I got a new job, put in my (very early) notice at a job I’ve been at for seven years, started exercising regularly, enrolled my baby into daycare full-time for the first time in his life….and what else…oh ya, moved back in with the rents. But it’s all good changes that I am very happy about.

I went and observed my soon-to-be co-worker yesterday in the classroom and I am so excited! I’m less nervous and quite stress free at this point in time, lol. I think this is going to be a great starting point for me. The classroom is very structured and the kids are incredibly behaved. The lesson plans are done….done. I was really worried about that. So I think my main challenge will be building the classroom culture and earning the student’s respect. I’m feeling positively jovial about the change though.

I started exercising at during lunch at the work gym. I haven’t lost any weight but feeling better about life in general. LOL. Also, I finished a “30 year old Bucket List” item today. I ran a 5K!!! Normally, ya, not that great of an accomplishment, but I’ve never done it…on purpose. I’ve ran over 3 miles at time but not entered into a race. Let’s also not bypass the fact that I am sick; slight fever, head cold, and cough. When I came across the finish I sat down ready to yak. Of course with my luck the President of The Educator was right behind and mildly worried. My manager said my face was drained of color….makes sense I was trying not to die the last 10 minutes. Either way; proud of myself.

We Are So Proud of Them

Smiles is going to day care. I’m nervous but I think it’s time. Our beloved nanny had to make some changes which resulted in us having to make a hard decision. We adore her and Smiles thinks GG is his mommy (I’m not offended, I get it). Reasons aside, we found a place that we are comfortable with and they seem like they will take amazing care of him. Plus, it’s right behind the small airport by our homes and he is OB-sessed with planes, so he will be happy for sure. They do sprinkler and slip-n-slide Friday’s as well during the super hot AZ summers!! Kind of wish I could take Friday’s off and go slip-n’slide…. I hope he enjoys it and makes some friends. I think with him turning 3 this summer, it probably is time to “set him free” a little more.

Usually I’m not a big fan of change. But these changes are good and they are leading to a life I am dreaming about. I am so excited for the life I have and the life I imagine it to become.

It’s Official

I accepted a TEACHING POSITION yesterday!

I will be working at a local charter school that is super close to where I live. I am excited, terrified, hopeful, nervous and overwhelmed. I will be teaching 5th grade general studies. I start the teacher training on July 15 for 2 weeks, then 1 week of in-service meetings and meet the teacher (ya, That’s ME!) and then school starts! The school is “back to basics”; the students face forward, learn cursive, stand when reading, and the environment is very structured. They use the Spalding method which is the training I will be in for those two weeks. It reminds me of private school…minus the religion factor. I really like this style for me since I feel like that is where I did the best learning when I was growing up. I appreciate the public school style but as a new teacher I think structure is going to be very important for me to get my bearings.

My parent’s, Mr. 72 and Smiles took me out to dinner to celebrate with some Mexican food and margarita’s at Casa De Mina. (If you haven’t been there and you live in the area….you are missing out!).

THANK YOU to everyone who pushed me to take a chance on this and believed I would be a good teacher so I could have the confidence to finally reach a goal of mine. I’m always so scared of not completing goals that I generally don’t start….maybe this will be the starting point to taking more chances and pushing harder. It feels weird, I have to admit but great all at the same time.

If anyone out there has ideas on how to successfully reach, teach, and connect with 5th graders….I’m all EARS!

I’m so grateful that I got this job and that they are willing to take a chance on me. I can only hope I live up to everyone’s expectations.