Biff and RabbitTail

What an incredible 48 hours! Mr. 72’s birthday was a bit of an extravaganza! I knew last year wasn’t a good memory for him so this year was going to be different and I was intent on ensuring this year would be one for the record books.

Starting early at midnight AM, I text him…I wanted to be the first one to say Happy Birthday. I tried to text his as much as I could for the rest of the day to make sure he knew how much he was loved. (edited out his texts because they are not mine to share 🙂 )

It was so nice, his co-workers took him to lunch at one of his favorite places, Oregano’s (I was going to bring him lunch from here but oh well, lol). They gave him a couple gift cards…the girls knew he had a new girlfriend so they teased him with a gift card to Fascinations…haha that should be interesting.

After work we headed to our first destination…iPic in Scottsdale. This place is way cool! Huge comfy recliners with a pillow and blanket, 2 restaurant/bars right outside of the theatre, dinner and drinks in theatre…and lets talk about the bathroom for a second. I hate public restrooms…I’d rather hold it till I get home. This place…not bad. Except the toilet flushes so hard that the water spits backup on the seat…therefore, girls, you still have to hover, sorry. Back to the story, we ordered drinks, two Blue Moons, then the calamari appetizer. I got the Turkey and Brie panini and he got the Filet sliders (I think lol). All the food was delicious! We saw Project X, hilarious! Definitely a movie I could watch again….the amount of nudity though…more college level than high school…in my opinion.

After the movie we went and grabbed his truck from work 😉 and headed to our respective houses. I had made him a dessert so I had to go grab it from home. When I got back to his house I put the cake in the freezer to set and we hung out. So…..cake is set, YUM DUDE! Presenting…..

Kit Kat Ice Cream Cake

(Bottom layer is brownie, then wafer cookies, then ice cream (mixture of chocolate and vanilla pudding, chocolate ice cream and whipped cream) then topped with kit kats) Drool…..

Day After: Today Mr. 72 was finally going to do his Indoor Skydiving in eloy, AZ at SkyVenture. (Note: this was a Christmas gift that he had not used yet….this seems to be a trend with us, lol). We drove down to Eloy, about a 40 mintue drive, and got to a small strange little town. The bulk of the people seemed to be at the airport/skydiving location that day. We came to find out that a bunch of German’s were gathering to do a skydive as a huge group…like 40 of them. We missed it but I’m sure it was amazing!

Indoor skydiving…I think this is a great option for people who don’t want to jump out of a perfectly good plane or have kids and can’t risk it…or are a kid. It’s a giant windtunnel that blows you up…like a huge blowdryer…but not hot air….let’s just stick with wind tunnel.

He had so much fun! I was so happy that this was a good gift for someone who likes to consistently put his life in danger. Thank you Biff so scaring the CRAP out of me when you took Mr. 72 up into the blades!

On the way home after eating lunch at Rubio’s, Mr. 72 thought renting Vespa’s would be a lot of fun….or a nap, LOL! Well since Vespa’s are apparently not rentable in AZ….and we forgot to take a nap…Mr. 72 offered up a movie(?) or kart racing…KART RACING!! Woohoo, I’ve never done that. So off we went, adventure #2 for the day, Octane Raceway! Mr. 72 is a BIT am I but with this I had a feeling I would come in dead last….and there was my racer name in the last spot…RabbitTail in 5th, 7th and 10th place. (Note: 5th place wasn’t good, still dead last out of 5 racers, lol…some with the other 2). It was fun either way though. I couldn’t understand what I was doing wrong so I decided to say who cares and just have fun! Mr. 72 of course did very well. I’ll get you back eventually for passing me and bumping me! 😛

After racing we decided to grab something to eat. We landed at Murphy’s Law in Chandler for some Irish grub. The Irish Nachos were delicous…and the Shepard’s Pie, definitely not my fav but it was alright.

We got home pretty late so we just relaxed and Mr. 72 tried to teach me to play drums…I was a little upset with him (not going to get specific) so it wasn’t going well. But we did end up having one of the most productive conversations I’ve ever had in a relationship. Usually if I get upset I keep it to myself….Mr. 72 actually listened and validated how I felt. We talked and worked it out. Amazing how that works in a functional relationship.

Then we watched half of Hot Tub Time Machine, enjoyed some wine and then fell asleep. What a great 48 hours! I haven’t had so much pure fun and enjoyed someone’s company so much in a very long time. Happy Birthday Mr. 72! Hope it was one for the record books!


March 23 – 25, 2012

Making sure the water is still too cold to go in….Summer hurry up!
Nap on the couch with mama
The most amazing bed head of all time!


Family Dinner (the men of the family helped bring my piano over from my parents house, THANK YOU!)

A Conversation: Baggage

This topic was brought up this morning with my friend, PurpleD. Here are my thoughts:

My dad told me once that all relationships have baggage; you just have to be willing to carry the other person’s baggage. Baggage is not necessarily a bad thing; it could be kids, family, successes, failures, dreams, etc. He knew within a few weeks of meeting my mom that he would do that for her for the rest of their lives. He asked me that within a few weeks of dating Mr. 72 if I was willing to carry his baggage….without hesitation YES.

Most would consider that we both have been divorced with kids, baggage…and to an extent, I guess so, but it also adds to how much I love him. Sure it’s not a clean slate and we have to “date” a little different than “easier” relationships but I would rather be in the right relationship with baggage, than one that I was struggling to make it work. I see previous marriages and kids as a bonus for us. We know what we definitely want in a partner…and what we definitely do not. The kids add laughter and another side of communication in a relationship. There is no wondering if he will be a good dad, he already is. There is no wondering if he will be a good companion, he already is.

I’m not perfect so I can’t expect him to be…all I can ask is that he is willing to carry my baggage if I carry his….without resentment, without hesitation, but with compassion and love.  


40 Reasons I love Mr. 72

  1. His sweetness
  2. He is an incredible dad
  3. His honesty
  4. His sense of humor
  5. He is the most handsome man I know
  6. Humble
  7. His laugh….I can replay it in my head for days after hearing it
  8. The way he communicates with me and everyone else.
  9. Respectful
  10. Full of life, he will never get old, he’s a little kid at heart, just like me
  11. His dedication to his beliefs – we may not have the same ones but I love that he holds his so close to his heart
  12. His commitment to us
  13. He shows true empathy – when someone else hurts he actually hurts
  14. His drive to success – He doesn’t do anything half-way, if he decides to do something, he will not only do it but be the best at it…proof: drums, racing, work, personal relationships
  15. Able to be himself
  16. Encouraging to everyone around him
  17. Laughs with his daughters, their happiness comes before all else
  18. Generous
  19. He doesn’t get upset when I choose to read random books rather than watch The MOTO
  20. Makes the best out of bad situations
  21. Doesn’t hold a grudge
  22. Is a man – meaning he does’t try to get out of doing things because he doesn’t want to do them, he does it happily because it will make someone else happy
  23. Enjoys helping other people
  24. Willing to try new things and have new experiences
  25. Considerate
  26. He laughs when I talk like Mr. Bean
  27. Incredibly talented drummer
  28. Has lived out his dreams and took a chance to make it happen
  29. Puts his family first
  30. Tells me his super G feelings about me
  31. Makes my son laugh
  32. Protective over what is important to him
  33. Responsible
  34. He doesn’t make fun of me when I spill, or trip…
  35. Doesn’t play games with our relationship – doesn’t test my trust, loyalty, or commitment, it’s there, don’t mess with it
  36. Makes me feel important and beautiful
  37. He is crazy Smart
  38. Other people love him and love being around him
  39. He loves and respects his parents and family
  40. When I say I want to be alone and be sad…he let’s me do that but is nearby in case I change my mind…like nearby as in 2 feet away with flowers and wine and junk food. Perfect.

Happy Birthday mi amor. I couldn’t have imagined or dreamt up a better man for me. In all my life I never imagined being so in love with someone, an all consuming love, one lifetime is not enough. I’m so excited to spend the rest of my life with you and to laugh with you until we are old and senile. You are my soul mate and the love of my life. I hope this next year is filled with love, happiness and laughter. Te amo mucho!

Super “G”lamis

President’s Weekend 2/17/2012 – 2/20/2012

I think I’m in love with this place. Not because it’s beautiful, come on it’s just sand…although it is stunning, but because of what it means. Mr. 72 and I get to be…just be. The four or five hour drive to get there is so nice, talking, dreaming, laughing, and simply being a couple. We don’t get this in reality and it’s hard to go weeks at a time without being able to be in public and not be nervous someone will see us together. We aren’t doing anything wrong…but the information would hurt some people’s feelings. Anyway…back to Glamis.

Mr. 72 rented a RzR from a local guy this time since he was thinking about buying one and wanted to try it out first. Well, at first look I think it is better than the TRex so, I’m feeling good about it.

Ok, seriously……need to start writing when things happen. Therefore Bullet Pointing the trip

  • RzR – so much fun! Mr. 72 thinks it needs more power so he’s not going to buy one after all.
  • Tried to go up Olds a few times in the RzR…almost made it halfway on the easy side of the hill LOL
  • RzR broke on our last ride of the weekend….”ah man, that’s a long walk” Thank Gawd Mr. 72 kept trying to turn it on…it started and we went straight back…well as straight was you can go on the dunes.
  • Sand car/rail – SO MUCH FUN! A little scary in the super big dunes behind Olds but way better than the RzR, and way better than the TRex….don’t ever bring that stoopid thing up to me again…a waste in my opinion. Thank you Paul-ie! for taking us for a ride in the sand rail!
  • Turkey Burgers….Yum!
  • Lulls….WOW and I say again WOW
  • Contagion (movie) – “you’re my contagion” – yes, we can make anything super sickeningly cute
  • 70s – so much stoopid fun! Note to self – keep feet inside and slow down if you’re getting crazy. But otherwise, I want one for myself asap! Thanks Mike for letting us drive those around!
  • How did you forget water? – oh well….duder over there has water : )
  • Glamis shops…..the people watching is unreal. Where do these people live in normal every day life? Are they the people that live in the random homes and towns that people driving by say “how do you end up living in the middle of nowhere?”
  • Malt-O-Meal….Mr. 72 doesn’t get the amazeballness of Malt-O-Meal, oh well. He said it’s not bad but not good either. I LOVE IT! Mmmmm, add toast, double MMMmmmMMMmmm
  • Wish Lanterns – such a special moment for me and Mr. 72. Hopefully this turns into a tradition for us.  (Update: half of my wish came true…I wanted to be able to see Mr. 72’s girls again and get to know them)
  • Maria – “Look at me, are you looking at me, look at me” LOL Crazy Maria
  • Butterfinger ice cream bar on the way home…right after the dump station stop, ew ew ew but they were D-lish

I think that is the main point. As always, we enjoyed eachothers company, were super silly stoopid in love and I’m definitely going to miss it…until next year Glamis!

Photography Love

So…I’m trying to get more into photography…I guess trying is a not the right word. I’m learning more about photography and trying to fit it into my days between being mommy, girlfriend, daughter, sister, friend, employee….all of which I don’t feel like I’m doing very well at right now. But that’s neither here nor there.

I always get frustrated with my camera because the zoom blows. Taking pictures of Smiles or motorcross or dunes pictures is quite difficult with the standard lense. Not to mention trying to spy on people…almost impossible, LOL. So I’m shopping for a zoom lense. Of course I can oggle something that is a bazillion dollars and magical or I can be in reality and get something decent and within my budget. Since I don’t have a bazillion dollars….I guess I will be realistic.

Here is what I am looking at. 


Tamron AF 70-300mm f/4.0-5.6 Di LD Macro Zoom Lens for Konica Minolta and Sony Digital SLR Cameras

It got pretty great reviews on Amazon and it’s only $164. I am going to go to the camera store here in town just to double check that I am not overspending….and think about this for a minute. Thoughts?

I’m also looking at this tablet for writing on pictures for the blog….or drawing, whichever. I’ll probably get the tablet this week…I just like to wait a minute before I buy things to make sure I don’t find something better, lol. It’s only $60… I got the idea from Elsie over at A Beautiful Mess (the blog I idolize). Thanks Elsie!

Radiohead 03/15/2012

WoW! That was a great show! Let me start from the beginning…

Mr. 72 generously bought me Radiohead tickets for Chanukamas (Christmas/Chanukah). Although he is a WAY bigger fan than myself, I was still very excited to go. I knew it was going to be something that I would talk about with my kids and hopefully, Radiohead ends up like a Beatles, Monkey’s or Bad Religion…where your kids will think it’s way cool that you went to that show….all the while thinking (how old is mom??). I know…why didn’t I list Pink Floyd, easy answer, Radiohead will never be as good as Pink Floyd…can’t really think of anyone who would be…maybe Michael Jackson and maybe even not then. Yes, that’s how much I idolize Pink Floyd. No point arguing with me, it’s my factual opinion and that’s all there is to it.


Anyway, it was at Arena in Glendale, so we went to dinner first on the way at Cibo. My current favorite restaurant. Cibo serves authentic Italian food; pasta, salads, and the pizza….TO DIE FOR! It’s fantastic; carefully chosen ingredients (most imported directly from Italy) and made with, you guessed it, LOVE. I had to share this with Mr. 72. We got the antipasti and the margarita pizza and two glasses of Chianti. Best meal I’ve had in a long while. The ambiance is incredible too. The restaurant is in an old Craftsman style


home, creaky floorboards, small separated rooms, personalized local art, and a patio garden area I could spend hours reading in with a nice glass of Chianti.

Plus it’s rumored that there is a ghost in the women’s bathroom. I haven’t experienced it but I believe it, why not. Perfect start to a great night!

ImageThe concert: We got to the arena and of course, who wears heels to a concert….THIS girl does. I knew it was a bad decision when I bought them but come on…I gotta look stunning for my man. I don’t care if it kills me…I want other men to be jealous of his hot girlfriend, I want him to be proud to be seen with me. So far, so good. – We got our oversized beers and went to our seats, great seats…especially since the people next to me never showed up! We looked around, looking to see if we saw anyone we knew, we did. One kooky girl from work and another guy from work that I couldn’t confirm it was him till later the next week at work. The first band…can’t remember the name was good, I really enjoyed it. Now that I’m dating Mr. 72, I pay attention to the drums and it’s fun to watch, they had a bunch of drummers so it was cool to see it all come together.

Main Performance: Radiohead came out and immediately started to play…there were 3 drum sets, which was new to me up until tonight. I’ve never seen more than just the one, unless it was like a bongo or other type of specialized drum. They also had 8 huge TVs hanging above stage and 1 huge row of TVs above that. It took me a minute to verify that what was on the screen was actually live and not prerecorded from another live show. Thom Yorke was very entertaining to watch, dancing around like a Mexican jumping bean…that man has some never-ending energy! That energy spilled over into the audience and the entire floor was dancing and feeling the show. There were also some people in the stands really feeling the moment, kooky work friend included, THAT was fascinating to watch play out. The show was incredible and I’m so glad Mr. 72 took me to see it.

Personal love: Mr. 72 started drumming on my hips…this made the show much more fun. I was a little nervous that he wasn’t enjoying himself and then he relaxed and did what came natural to him…drumming. I was in heaven.

MusicDuring Post

Ingrid Michaelson – The Way I Am

Florence + The Machine – Cosmic Love