um…Disk 7

I thought it would take me a lot longer to get through these disks but a few days in and I’m already on disk 7 out of 15. The end of disk 7 almost had me in tears. I won’t ruin the story if you haven’t heard it but Dave makes a point, financial planning is about life, the ability to enjoy life. Making sure your family is taken care of in any situation. It’s not about denying yourself vacations or products but just making sure you have the money to spend when you do spend.

For me, it’s not about how much wealth someone can accumulate but the ability to simply take care of their family and enjoy their lives together without the constant burden and stress of finances.

Personally, had I thought about this a very long time ago, I could have put myself in a position to quit my job and pursue “happier” careers now because I would have the savings to do so. Theoretically speaking anyway. Sobering thought. Especially when most of those things I did spend money on…didn’t create memories or didn’t bring me or anyone else I know long lasting happiness.

Something to think about anyhow.


Disk 1

Got through disk 1 of the Financial Peace University series in one and a half commutes to work, about 45 minutes total. I’m impressed. The “baby steps” seem totally do-able.

I finally listed a few things on craigslist that can help get me to the emergency savings goal, which is first priority over paying off credit cards or other debt (I had this backwards and it now makes sense why). I had my “savings” category all the way at the bottom of the list…if I didn’t get to it, I didn’t get to it. Now, it’s first, if I don’t get to other bills, I don’t get to other bills. Trust me, it makes sense. I don’t want to go into the whole explanation because then why would you go and listen to the disks? (No, I’m not getting paid for this review). Dave is quite entertaining so you will enjoy it even if you hate finances. And I can’t explain it quite the way he does.

I also decided to lean down the house. Meaning, that all the STUFF I have needs to be either given away if I don’t use it, either by way of garage sale, donations, or selling online. I want everything in my home to function for a purpose, I want to know what is in my home. I went through 2 closets and forgot I had things in there….I haven’t seen these items in over a year!! And that is a crazy idea since in that time I have moved twice. So that means I moved things I didn’t even know I had….TWICE! Ergo, I don’t need it if I don’t realize I own it. I imagine this is going to take a while because I have taught myself or learned that this STUFF is protection or security for some reason and it’s not. I have to retrain my brain.