Book Review – Letters from a Skeptic

Does anyone else get a little sad when a good book ends? I do. The thought of finding another book I can get engrossed into seems exhausting.

booksI just finished “Letters from a Skeptic: A Son Wrestles with his Father’s Questions about Christianity” by Dr Gregory A Boyd and Edward Boyd. VERY good book, whether you are a believer or not. It provides a good sense of why Greg believes in his faith and how his semi-scientific approach helped him makes sense of it all and come to complete faith. I think everyone should grab a copy and read it, not to convert your beliefs but it’s just a good read. Underneath it all I appreciate how the son (Greg) found something to speak to his father about, it seems as though they never really had that and found something in religion to discuss

I think some aspects of the book definitely helped my understanding of Christianity. I’ve taken a very skeptical approach to religion for the past 7-10 years or so and always wondered how people can believe with such conviction in something “that cannot be proven”.

Interesting read for sure.



2013 Hopes

Hopes, not goals.

  • Read 6 for-fun books – figure that’s 1 every 2 months….should be able to handle that
  • Unclutter the house – if I haven’t used it in 6 months, why am I holding on to it?
  • Cook more
  • Remember to call on birthdays – I’m horrible about this. I have a reminder on my phone of important dates, but I never know what to say once I call…so “Happy Birthday, that’s all, bye”…I need to get over being awkward with people I love
  • Consistently offer more healthy foods – to the kids, it’s easy to throw junk around and have them be happy, i want Smiles to be happy with fruit or something less junky as a snack option
  • Improve Memory and Focus….somehow – no idea who to do this so I may need suggestions

All for now, don’t want to overwhelm 🙂