Oh so Precious, our third sponsor!

Our next amazing sponsor is Precious Little Baby who supplies the sweetest baby accessories. If you’re a photographer, even in the slightest, you have coo’d over newborn shots where the babies have big ol’ flowers wrapped around their precious heads. Precious Little Baby offers some of the most adorable accessories for your newborns. The shop will even take special orders to ensure you get exactly what you are looking for. Precious Little Baby also supplies photographers with props such as a mermaid fin, super soft blankets or a caterpillar cocoon!

I dare you to look in their store and not want to leave with something in your cart. I’m even tempted to custom order a hat in big girl size! Wouldn’t I look cute in this or this?

Precious Little Baby is giving away an adorable headband from their line to the photographer who wins the Tracing Rabbit Photography Challenge. Sign up and play, you won’t want to miss out!

The store also boasts a repeat buyers program! Every time you spend $100 (before shipping) at this store, you will receive $10 free credit!* Please remind them of it at time of purchase. Or Like Precious Little Baby on Facebook and get FREE SHIPPING on your FIRST entire purchase of $20 or more!


*verify with the store before purchase


Support and Encouragement

This past week I realized how incredible life can be when you surround yourself with people who love and support you. I’ve always had a very supportive family so it’s not like they haven’t encouraged me, they have and continue to do so. I’m a mom now, I get it, I think Silas is capable of doing everything better than anyone else could. But, it is different kind of support when people you aren’t blood related to choose to support you and believe in you. It’s basically comparing when your mom says you did something well and when your boss says you did well…..you’re bound to tell more people you got a compliment from your boss then your mom…..sorry ma, it’s just the way it is, love you mucho much though!

Anyhow, when I first started this blog I was unsure if I would ever share it with anyone. First because it was so personal that it was kind of like posting my diary on the high school wall. Secondly, because I didn’t think I was that good of a writer and would think people would judge me too harshly to where I wouldn’t write anymore. But I was wrong. I still don’t belive my writing is any better than anyone else’s but I have people who encourage me to do it anyway.

I started a challenge on here, as you know…holy over-post, with a friend and it’s going well. We actually got sponsors which I thought would be a pipe dream. But I was determined to actually try hard at something once in my life. Working with someone who shares the same goals and takes you seriously is a blessing.

Then this week, I decided to see if someone posted on Craigslist that they were looking for a photographer (sometimes people do) and I ended up responding to a few writing internships, two responded! We will see if anything comes of it. To be “published” somewhere besides my blog would be a bucket list dream!

Mr. 72 also had a good idea this week to take pictures of bands while recording in a studio. I LOVE this idea! He is big into music and knows a lot of people….every time I think I found out something, he knows who owns it, invented it, or he got first place in it one year. I might be exaggerating a little bit but not much. So I contact the woman that he plays drums with sometimes and asked if she wanted pictures done, she does!

I guess it is true, you just have to go for it and not be scared of failure. A little bit of luck and a bit of gusto might just get you what you want.

I’m so excited to see what happens in the next year of my life. I think it is going to be beautiful.

Tracing Rabbits Photography Challenge- Starting August 15th!

The Rules

Submission Process:

  • Each challenger will submit a photograph on Sunday night by 6:00 pm MST to marci.vintagedrabbit@gmail.com Traci and Sharon will post the gallery on Vintaged Rabbit and Traci Sewell Photography and open voting at 8:00am MST on the following Monday for 24 hours.
    • The Challenger may include in the submission the F-Stop, ISO and Shutter speed and the title of the photograph.
  • Winners will be announced the following Tuesday by 6:00pm MST.
  • The overall winner will be voted upon in the same manner as the rest but the photographs chosen to compete will be the winners from all 8 weeks.

 The Voting

  • Voters can vote once on each forum (Vintaged Rabbit, Traci Sewell Photography, Vintaged Rabbit on Facebook and Traci Sewell Photography on Facebook) – Total of 4 possible votes per week
  • Voters can submit for additional entries by subscribing or liking the blogs or Facebook pages (Vintaged Rabbit, Traci Sewell Photography, Vintaged Rabbit on Facebook and Traci Sewell Photography on Facebook) – Total of 4 possible votes for the whole challenge (Voters will need to comment on the original blog post that they have done these actions and which photograph their vote goes to)
  • Voters can also submit for additional votes by following or subscribing to the sponsors website, blog, or Facebook page. (Voters will need to comment on the original blog post that they have done these actions and which photograph their vote goes to)
  • Voters can be awarded 2 additional votes for purchasing a product from one of our sponsors. (Please comment in your order that you would like your vote counted towards a specific photograph, the sponsor will notify us)

Link Outs

Traci Sewell Photography

Vintaged Rabbit

Traci Sewell Photography Facebook

Vintaged Rabbit Facebook

Watch out now! Sultry prize from our second sponsor, Button Bikini!!

We could not be more excited to welcome a very good friend to the sponsor pool!

Nicole with Button Bikini!


She is located on the West Coast where less is definitely more. She has introduced the seductive style of lingerie to the average bikini, making them anything but average. Frustrated with unflattering cuts and material bunching found on most bathing suits, Nicole has created a line that fits the contours of a woman’s body perfectly. Button Bikinis are designed to satisfy every personal preference, from the simple look of the Signature line, the sexiness of the Sultry line, to the naughtiness of the Wicked line. Button Bikinis are made in the USA and are also available for wholesale purchase!

Button Bikinis are great for every body! I’m not the skinniest girl in the world but could pull this off! The design flatters your body instead of pinching it in all the wrong areas! Guys who are participating, couldn’t you imagine your girlfriend (or future girlfriend) in one? Hey now! Or if it’s not your style, maybe a gift for a friend….although I recommend trying one on before you say, “I can’t wear a bikini!” I’m positive you will change your mind!

A $25 gift certificate could be yours if your photograph gets the most votes!

Thank you Nicole and Button Bikini!!

Don’t forget to follow Button Bikini on FaceBook for news and deals! If you live in Arizona, you can check out the swimsuits up close and personal at Belle Lacet in Chandler, AZ.

*Georgia Peach, Knock-Out, and Sweet Cheeks are not included in the offer.

Announcing our first sponsor!!! Lionfish53 Vintage

California based Lionfish Vintage 53 offers some amazing vintage treasures in their Etsy shop since 2009. All their lives they have collected interesting vintage and collectible items and now want to share them with others and find them good homes! Although the company adores all vintage and antique pieces, their love of Mid-Century emanates throughout the store and style of their collected pieces.

They love all things vintage and enjoy having various objects in their house that are functional and from all different eras.

From lamp shades and cameras, to book racks and knick-knacks, you won’t leave without wanting to swipe up something to call your own. Seriously, check out this antique light meter! (Better buy it now before we do!)

Lionfish53 Vintage is offering a VERY cool Kodak Master Photoguide Book For Still Picture Taking Circa 1974. This book is so awesome! I’m tempted to bend the rules and then break them so I can win the challenge and keep this little beauty for myself. Rare vintage find, don’t miss out! I could see myself playing with the setting guides all day. It’s the perfect size too to put in a carry-all or purse!

Thank you Lionfish53 Vintage!!

Stay tuned tomorrow for another sponsor announcement and the challenge details!!!

Camping: The Kid’s Turn

Mr. 72 and I decided to take the three kids camping for one night this weekend. We decided on Fools Hollow Lake in Show Low, AZ. Nice RV camping spot with full hookups so we didn’t need to worry about the generator breaking or running out of water. We got the last spot in all of AZ…this was the only option we had if we wanted to go with hookups. I promptly booked it.

I wasn’t nervous with the idea; I knew it would be rough, that naps and bedtime probably wouldn’t be easy, that trying to keep three kids in one ungated areas would be impossible. But I was hopeful that we would manage the best we could. The night before we left Silas wouldn’t sleep; he kept waking up, which meant I kept waking up. Not to go get him but just hearing him crying. I did check once because we had a scorpion in the house last week so I wanted to make sure he wasn’t being attached by another one (he wasn’t). Then he woke up at 5:00 am asking for “malkie malkie” so he was cranky because he woke up too early for the next few hours. Therefore, I thought….why are we purposely going to put us in this situation times 3 kids? Luckily, I got him back down for a nap (can you call it a nap if it’s at 7:00 am?). He slept till 8:00 and woke up a happy boy!! Yay! Let’s do this!

Mr. 72 didn’t get a lot of sleep either. He stayed up late, thankfully, to change out the broken air vents in the trailer so we wouldn’t be rained on (oh ya, forecast for Show Low, thunderstorms!). Then he stayed up to decompress from a crazy work week and preparing for the trip, so needless to say he went bed late and woke up early to finish packing, then pick up the girls, and then me and Smiles.

We got on the road, it went well for the most part. I had a hidden stash of crafts and stuff to do just in case things got rough. We had movies, snacks, and were hoping for some naps on the way. It rained for most of the trip but the wind was soft enough for us to keep moving on with the trailer. We got halfway to Payson and it was time to bust out the snacks. Thankfully, that tided the kids over for a little while…then came out the pipe cleaners…all the while watching Sesame Street and Dora. We were pleasantly surprised at how well they all did for a three and a half hours trip. About 20 minutes from our destination, we hear more vocally now, “how much farther?!?!”. Ok. Now we’ve got to get there, the kids are losing steam…..and I take us down the wrong road. [crap] Thank goodness it was just a quick turnaround and then we were at camp.

You could definitely tell it was nap time; the kids were on edge a bit. Smiles was off in his own world in the dirt, covered head to toe, literally. That’s my boy. Let it happen, I think, it’s camping, what did you think was going to happen. The girls decided they needn’t take naps and would rather go fishing with dad, so I hung back with Smiles and he took a good nap. I was dosing off and then……I realized I left my camera on the picnic table and if I went outside I would wake up Smiles with the door. So there I sat on the bench inside writing this story watching my camera outside. [wish me luck…glad I bought Pringle’s, yum]

And I’mmmmmm Back!

The remainder of the trip was challenging, not going to lie. There were two dominating figures in the group and neither was of drinking age. Smiles and Thumper came to blows a few times, not really as dramatic as it sounds, but someone was either hit or on their bum, not of their own volition. One year apart and both dominate personalities, God help us. Miss H was relatively easy, she found her role of big sister and took Smiles on as her little follower and Smiles was happy to do it. They play so well together and Miss H seems like to help Smiles learn something or do anything. It was so adorable to watch her lead the way to the playground and him just follow her along.

That Sunday, we all went to the lake, I rode the two littles in the bike trailer and Mr. 72 got some quality time with Miss H and walked down to fish at the lake. Man that is a STEEP hill on a bike with two 25 pounders in the back, lol. It was nice though to be able to watch the two littles together by myself even for a few minutes. It gave me a little confidence that I can do this. They will listen to me rather than tying me up and setting me on fire.

Miss H lost her front tooth while eating her Cheerios that morning. She was so scared the night before at dinner that it was going to hurt and we were trying to tell her stories of our teeth issues but to no avail. When it finally happened though, she was so proud, nervous proud, but proud. She kept repeating “My tooth just randomly fell out”, I think she just learned the word “randomly” LOL.

Well, all in all it was a successful camping trip and I think we are more prepared for the family trip at the end of August. Even though two kids came home with bruises and scrapes all over their bodies and one with one less tooth, I think we managed to pull it off! The trip home was quiet, as they slept for most of the trip….and I may have bribed the girls with pizza/movie night if they were good on the way home and didn’t ask “Are we there yet?.” Don’t judge me; I’m not above bribing kids if it is for my own sanity. It was funny though, as I offer the bribe, Miss H says they have to be good cause “Dad is almost a grandpa”, to which I swiftly say “Nu-Uh! Don’t ever say that”, then the girl says, “He’s old”….I laugh, well maybe he is a little oldER but come on. Now I’m on the defensive with his six year-old, LOL.

This trip was a good judge of how we parent, right now separately, but someday together. I felt a little overwhelmed because I don’t know what to do with parenting other kids that aren’t mine. Then add in girls and older than mine. I can only imagine this will take a while to learn, I’m used of being the aunt…not the parent to kids this age. I don’t know where my role is, but Mr. 72 and I will earn together as this is brand new territory for both of us.