The Best Day of Our Vacation by FAR! (get ready it’s a looong story)

engagementFriday 5/28/13

  • 3:00 am wakeup call – I met Mr at his house to pack up and boogy
  • 4:00am We arrived at long-term parking…. and tried to figure out where to go…there is a new tram and “getting-around” system we weren’t too sure about
  • 4:30am…We realized we could have parked right outside our terminal…instead we took the tram and a bus and 30 minutes to get there, grr.
  • 5:00am Waited forever for the slow-as-molassas-agents to hurry it up so we could check our bags in…only to be scolded that we were running late. No kidding, really?!?!
  • 5:30am Waiting in security line, CRAP, we are going to miss our flight…”please, can we cut, I’m so sorry, we are going to miss our flight” — thank you to our fellow travelers for taking pity on us…speed ran to the terminal right before they were closing the doors
  • 6:00am …take off
    • Miss Terrified of flying and Mister Claustrophobic get ready to face their fears.
    • Actually I only cried once during takeoff, the rest of the flight and even the propeller plane, easy! I was so impress with both of us. I barely noticed Mr’s freak out on the first flight because I was too busy forcing myself to stay on the plane. Kudos to both of us to keeping together.
    • 9:30am …shuttle to Victoria B.C. – the driver was a prior tour guide so we received a lot of touristy information for free J Did you know that Victoria is 300x300x100 miles in size? Did you know that Steve Nash and Sarah McLaughlin are from Victoria?
    • 10:30am we arrived at our final destination for the first part of the trip! Pacific Grand Hotel! Ah-mazing! The location is stellar, the accommodations are great, and the gym was pretty dang good! (yes, we went to the gym on vacation)…if you are ever there, go to the coffee shop and order the White Chocolate Latte…best I’ve had by far. Starbucks aint got nothing on it!!!
    • Lunch – We ate at Red Fish Blue Fish; he got the cod fish n’ chips and I got the halibut fish n’ chips. SO GOOD! I can see why it was featured on Diners, Drive-in’s and Dives.
      • Funny story – we sat relatively close to a pair of older couples. When one of the women got up and asked if anyone needed anything, of course Mr. say’s “no thanks, I’m good” LOL — we all got a good laugh out of it.
      • Afternoon Stroll – we wandered around, looked in shops, were super g. a. y. and cuddly….could have been a scene from a romantic movie to be honest, perfect. We eye-balled the buggy rides and thought that would be fitting since our nicknames for each other are “buggy”. Talked about possibly taking it for a ride.
      • We decided it was appropriate for naptime and went to relax for a while – Mr stared at me as I slept…he was full of anxiety and excitement and he couldn’t fall to sleep. He told me that he was going to go downstairs and workout real quick and then we could go to dinner.
      • While he was working out, I couldn’t manage to wake up so I meandered downstairs to find the coffee shop….I couldn’t find it and knew he knew where it would be so I went to the gym to find him….nowhere to be found, “weird” I says to myself – I ask for help and get myself a coffee
      • Jump ahead – We get ready for our super romantical date night that we had planned to go on before we came on vacation. I wore my orange and blue and white polka dot dress with a black H&M jacket and super high black heels. He wore his amazing blue and white gingham dress shirt and jeans and his grey pea-coat (love that coat).
      • We went downstairs, hand in hand, and I saw the buggy. My heart started to race because I thought “this is it, he’s gonna ask”. We hop in, have a few pictures taken by our super helpful, happy, co-conspirator-to-the-engagement plan, Darin, and we were off.
      • The buggy took us on a tour of the bay and adjacent neighborhood. Such beautiful Victorian homes….”yes, please, let’s retire here”.
      • I’m getting butterflies again as I write this.
      • We turn down another street and he says “well, I was looking for the most perfect place to do it” and I’m trying hard not to jump to conclusions so I don’t get disappointed if he doesn’t ask…but thinking if he doesn’t ask now, he’s crazy, and I’m going to ask. This is the most romantical moment we have ever had…..and we’ve had a lot!
      • I turn to look at him and he asks “will you marry me?” “YES!” …and he shoves the ring on my finger, lol. I didn’t even look before I said YES, all I could do was hug him and say “YES!”
      • It was really cute because he said “oh wait, I told Miss H. that I would get down on one knee” – so he moved over the blankets and somehow managed to get on one knee in the buggy and propose for a second time. This lucky girl got proposed to twice! ….and a few more times since then.
      • I finally looked at the ring and was STUNNED…amazing, the most beautiful ring I have ever seen and so….ME. He knows me better than I know myself that much is clear! It is rose gold with a center cushion cut diamond with smaller diamonds all around it and down the sides of the ring, antiqued style and had little “S”’s scribed on the sides. PERFECT!
      • We talked about how he planned it, how nervous he was, all the anxiety building up over the past few weeks, the sneaking around to go get the ring and then pick it up, asking my parents for their blessing (granted)….this all makes sense now why he spilled sugar all over the kitchen this morning! Our faces hurt from smiling so much, we couldn’t stop. The whole day and this moment was PURE BLISS.
      • The buggy dropped us off at our dinner reservation at Pescatore’s Seafood and Grill – Dinner was delicious! We ended up being there till around 10pm if I remember correctly! We walked back to the hotel around the harbor after dinner. It was the perfect proposal and perfect day. I couldn’t have asked for anything better.

Incredible! I get to marry my soul mate and love of my life!!! We are so blessed to have found someone who compliments each other so perfectly. I love you buggy, I can’t wait to marry the heck outta you!!!


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