Big Hopes, Big Dreams

I am starting this page to keep track of my goals for 2013. I don’t really have a time line…just want to try to start making small changes along the way to get where I want to be.

Goal: Eat Healthier > I admit it, I don’t eat well at all anymore. I used to eat salads everyday for lunch with grilled chicken…now I eat whatever. I don’t even want to talk about dinner cause it generally doesn’t happen. Popcorn or cereal or a PB&J don’t count…or whatever Smiles won’t eat ends up on my plate. When I do try to cook I get frustrated that I spend so much time only for Smiles not to like it and giving him “mac on cheese”. It’s really hard to motivate yourself when cooking for one person….so I’m gonna try freezer meals and cooking for 2 and then just taking leftovers for lunch the next day.

Exercise: Move More > I’m not even going to classify this as exercise yet. Just get up and move. Clean, go on a walk, play golf/tennis/basketball…something.

That’s where I’m starting for now. My friend “Elle” is going to join me in this and we are trying to keep track of stuff though this page so we don’t have 5,000 emails back and forth 🙂

Feel free to comment with ideas or suggestions in recipes, motivation, anything supportive is welcome.

If I knew how to make this page into more of a forum type set-up I would…but I don’t know how 😦

Update: 1/15/2013

I made something quite delicious yesterday…it was all stuff I already had so no special trips made to the store! Awesome-sauce!

Marci’s Salmon and Quinoa

Salmon I drizzled with agave syrup, soy sauce and a tiny bit of Sriacha (increase if you like spicier things) – cooked it on the stove

Quinoa I cooked plain then added a big spoonful of pesto sauce.

Sounds like the two flavors wouldn’t go together but they did… and they were scrumcious!


Update: 1/15/2013

Last Saturday I decide to make dinners and breakfast for myself that I can freeze and have them ready to go for any meal. Here is what I made:

Hawaiian Marinade — 

I haven’t tried this yet but it is on the menu tonight should I be home for dinner! – made 3 (decided to save 2 chicken breasts for enchiladas, yum.)

IMG_20130115_130218 IMG_20130115_130027 Asian drumsticks — 

YUMM! I ate this for dinner once already and now for lunch, added some rice, so good! I portioned them for 1 or 2 people depending on if I need a bit extra for Smiles. Made 10 drums


Beef Barley Soup — 

Portioned it out to 6 servings and changed the barley for quinoa and froze it in mason jars. Haven’t tried it yet but it smelled so delicious while cooking! Please note: it cooks for an hour and a half…didn’t realize this until I decided I wanted to go over to my parents and couldn’t because it had too cook for another hour <sad face>

Breakfast Sammy’s and Burritos

Burrito’s – sofrito (homemade, I like the Puerto Rican version), eggs (minus a couple yokes to keep the calories down), reduced fat beef sausage, and a bit of cheese. Wrap individually and freeze J – 4 servings

Sammy’s – eggs (minus a couple yokes), sliced cheese, and reduced fat beef sausage or deli turkey (any meat works) on an whole wheat English muffin – when you reheat these, micro it for about 30 second so the English muffin comes off nicely, then toast the break and warm the middle, then smash back together – 6 servings

Spaghetti Squash

Cook whole squash in a 375 degree oven for 1.5 hours on a sheet of tin foil. Then take it out and slice it in half length wise, let it cool, then take out the seeds and scrape out the middle with a fork. I portioned it into zip-locks and froze them so I could use it for pasta or a side later. Gave me about 6 servings.

Salisbury Steak

I didn’t get around to making this but I may tonight if I have time. Sounds so good when it’s so cold outside. (It’s AZ, it’s not supposed to have a high of 47!!! Oh well, enjoy it while it lasts!)

Update 3/11/2013:IMG_20130311_121710

Upon learning how to eat right again, I busted out my vintage Tupperware because eating out of something pretty just makes food seem better to me. It worked back then and it is working now. It’s all about how you present food that makes it more appetizing. Don’t get me wrong it’s not going to make anything actually better…just feels better.

There is a salad at Paradise Bakery that I feel in love with recently….but I really don’t want to pay $8 every time I have that craving, nor do I like how many calories are actually in it to make it taste THAT good. The steak and bleu cheese salad. mmmmhmmm.

Here is my version:

Romaine Letter (bagged kind)

Cut up zucchini, carrots, onion, cucumber, tomatoes

Bleu cheese

Grilled steak – sliced

Balsamic vinegar dressing

The dressing is what makes it good or not….I tried a low calorie non-creamy balsamic, it was alright but not eat-again-good. Then I tried a low calorie creamy balsamic from the work café…YUM. That’s where it is at. Sorry you can’t get it in stores…if you find something in stores that works let me know!

It’s not nearly as good but it settles the craving and I no longer want to eat at P.B. for every meal.


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