Family Camping Trip – Summer 2012

What a fun trip!! Seriously, so much fun! The only thing missing was my oldest sister and her family. It was sad that they were not there to play around with us but understandably since it would have been a far trek from Southern California. Next time we agreed to meet somewhere in the middle.

So the remaining family members (all 17 of us) traveled up north in Arizona to Bear Canyon Lake. We were a little frantic in the morning…at least I was because I woke up to a thunder storm outside. I text Mr. 72 wondering what we should do about this. Then I text my sister saying “oh uh”. But we forged on because the kids would be so sad if we didn’t even try…and honestly, so would the adults have been. So we met up at my house and took off. My mom and sister met us later that evening since they had to work…thank goodness because I forgot to bring Smiles pants! Parenting fail. I was just going to put him in adult socks if we couldn’t get pants, LOL.

We headed north and when we finally got to the Mogollon Rim we started searching for a great spot to set up camp. It was a little tricky since we had an RV and two trailers that needed flat, DRY, resting spots. Luckily, we found a great wide open camp ground where all three trailers could circle around a family spot and it was somewhat close to the lake! The whole weekend we only had a few rain scares and just a few sprinkles ended up coming to fruition. The weather was amazing!

Both nights we were there we had a projector and white sheets hung for outdoor movie nights. The kids got treats both night and got to relax before heading inside for bed. Every day the kids took hikes and even spent two trips collecting garbage. I love the tradition that my brother in law started with that. To camp outdoors and to enjoy nature and to leave it better than you found it. Such a great lesson to teach kids. (But maybe tell the kids, not to pick up the glass pieces, lol….or bring gloves).

We also brought with us two quads to ride. One was Mr. 72’s so only he could ride it…not being selfish of course, but it was a race quad and harder to drive for those who aren’t use to it…plus it was manual and required you to use a clutch. The other quad was more user friendly, automatic. The kids all took turns taking rides with adults and they had a blast. Smiles was not into it at all, he said “no mommy, skery”. Poor kid. We fished down at the lake, no luck catching anything but some of the kiddos did catch some craw fish. Gross I know. All the kids did pretty well, there were a couple meltdowns, mainly by Smiles and Thumper but other than that, nothing crazy. All the girls seemed to get along pretty well and Miss H seemed to fit right into the groove of the “S-Family” unit. It was really nice to see her open up a little more and be more interactive with the other kids. All the kids are so smart and pretty well-behaved for 4-8 year old’s.

Mr. 72 and I got to take a few rides through the forest, SO MUCH FUN! I even caught some air to which Mr. 72 freaked out about. At least now he knows how much I freak out when he does it. I can’t wait to go on a ride again! [dunes here I come!] Riding through the woods was incredible; you get to see nature in a different view, untouched. There were no cars, campsite, trash, nothing. Just dirt trails for off-road vehicles. We stopped and just looked for a little bit because it is not often you get to see it this way.

I can’t wait for next year’s trip. I love spending time with family and to have everyone reconnect and laugh and be together is so important for keeping those family bonds intact.

Enjoy the pics! (watch out Cole….the Tarantula Bat is in there!)
Oh ya…the Tarantula Bat. This thing decided my sister law would be fun to cuddle up with…except she is deathly scared of spiders. She did pretty well keeping it together to not freak out her baby (if I saw a snake…I would cry, scream, hyperventilate, pass out, then probably not come out of the trailer all weekend and subsequently begged the family to leave that instant). So I give her kudos on that. Everyone was fine and Mr. 72 saved her and whacked it with his shoe and captured it in a bottle…to then be released far from camp. Camping Tip – Don’t leave blankets outside during the night, creepy crawly things apparently like cuddly blankets too.

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Smiles First Hair Cut

Kind of. I did cut his bangs a while ago because they were in his face but this was his first all over cut. I was hesitant because I didn’t want to lose his baby curls and freaked out that he would turn his head fast and get scissors stabbed. We went to the local kids hair cut place, Abuelo and Nana in tow, and I braced myself. This place was too cute, they had TVs in all the hair cutting stalls, fun colors, activities to do while they waited and lollipops so they would sit still. The belt on the chair didn’t hurt either. This was his first time getting a lollipop too! He did so well with it, holy cherry flavored DROOL! He hasn’t figured that part out yet.

I was so glad my parents came with, it felt a lot less like I was a single mom when I can share special moments like this with family. Not that I mid being a single mom, but it makes, holidays and “first’s” hard to stomach celebrating alone. Plus my parents had been gone to Mexico to visit family for two and a half weeks so they needed some Smiles time. He’s learned so much lately and it feels like if you go more than a few days without seeing him, he’s learned a whole new set of things.

On to the pictures. His hair cut turned out great and the curls just got curlier! YAY!


June 8 – 10, 2012

What a busy weekend! Mr. 72 and I started the weekend off by cleaning out the garage and part of his storage unit, lol. Exciting I know! But he was able to get a lot done and we even got to go to lunch at The Deli, see The Avengers, go to dinner at Pho Chandler and then I finally agreed to watch Clay Pigeons….something I had been avoiding because he said it was gory…not that bad really, it was good and had some funny parts, very quirky and strange too. I think Girl With a Dragon Tattoo (American version) messed me up because when it came to the knife/banging scene….if you’ve seen Tattoo, you know where my mind went and I closed my eyes.

The whole family also got together on Saturday for the Annual Backyard campout. Coolest thing ever. My sister hosted it, everyone went swimming, we ate, and they set up a projector and screen out back and we watched Cars 2. All the kids had blankets and tents, it was such a fun night! Plus, I figured out that I can still do a front flip off the diving board! Woot! Not too old after all!










June 1 – 3, 2012

This weekend was so fun but exhausting! Smiles was quite the handful on Friday night and ended up getting 2 time outs 😦 Nana and Abuelo came over for a visit that night too before leaving to CA to visit my sister’s family. Saturday Mr. 72’s mom and dad came in town and we took the whole family to the pool and then had a BBQ at the house. We played Wii Just Dance after the 2 little ones finally went down for the night. Sunday we headed to church and then me and Smiles spent the rest of the day playing at home… I was ready for bedtime at 3:30! It was a looong day! All in all…great weekend! It was great to spend some more time with Mr. 72’s parents and as always having the kids together is so special for me.  Looking forward to a lot more weekends like this one this summer. ….Minus the fits and tantrums and time-outs!

Squeezer, Jolly and Happiness

What a fantastic trip! Mr. 72 and I went to California for the weekend [now 2 weeks ago], stopping at Huntington Beach and Brea, CA. I was so excited to get going I was literally bouncing out of my seat in the car…”Let’s go, let’s go!!!” 7 blissful hours talking with Mr. 72 sounded like heaven to me….and it was. We had the best conversation we talked about the kids, work, marriage, moving in together, family, careers, kids, random silly stuff and everything in between.

  • Mr. 72 surprised me with a Friday night stay at the Hyatt Regency Huntington Beach Resort and Spa! The hotel was amazing, so beautiful. They had a few restaurants to choose from, as well as a store in the plaza. The bed was comfy and the balcony had a view of the ocean. There was an Indian wedding there on Saturday and it was so cool to see all the saris and decorations. All the bright colors made it so cheerful and celebratory.
  • Squeezer and Jolly met us at the pool the next day to hang out and relax. This was the first time meeting Mr. 72’s best friend and his wife. I was so nervous but after meeting them and seeing how sweet and fun they were, it was easy to relax and be myself. I love seeing two people who are so completely in love, it makes me really happy, and those two are obviously head over heels for each other, so stinkin cute! I can see why Mr. 72 speaks so highly and cares so much for them, hard not to after meeting them.
  • We ate lunch at the Huntington Beach Beer Company…twice – Mr. 72 and Squeezer had the Spicy Blonde Onion Burger and loved it (looked delicous…too spicy for this girl, I’m a wimp), Jolly had the Ahi Tuna Salad. I had the Pier Pale Ale the first trip we made (not my favorite but Mr. 72 said as far as wheat beers goes, it was pretty good), Homemade Spinach Dip (3 stars.. not the best but good)
  • Went to the beach and breakfast with Mr. 72’s family – This was the first time meeting them as well. They were so nice and I’m so excited to get to know them better. I felt so welcome and that they were genuinely happy to meet me as well.
  • Played at the Hollywood Hat Lounge – found some interesting styles…never tried on an uneven hat before, should have bought it, or at least taken a picture. Mr. 72 needs to start wearing hats but we have to find his style first…no luck at that store. Although I did like him in a newsboy cap, mini gyn spasm…he didn’t like it though.
  • Took a long walk on the beach and pier and watched the surfers. We cuddled behind a small building on the pier since the wind was so frigid. I love this man. I could have stayed there for the rest of my life.  
  • Had dinner with Squeezer and Jolly at Taps Fish House and Brewery – This place was delicious! I had steak, Mr. 72 had the Miso Marinated Chilean Sea Bass, Squeezer had a pot of mussels, and Jolly …hmm can’t remember but I know she liked it! This was so much fun, we all got dressed up, kind of felt like Homecoming for adults. Mr. 72 even placed my order for me since I can’t order a steak…it was very Mad Men. He knows the way to my heart, that one.
  • Watched Squeezer play with the Humble Hooligans at The Auld Dubliner in Long Beach. (You should ‘like’ them on Facebook and check out a show if you’re in the neighborhood). Me and Mr. 72 were the couple making everyone uncomfortable by making out, haha, whatevs. I’m sure Jolly and her best friend didn’t appreciate that but….what can I say, my man is irresistable!
  • Ended up seeing my little cousin B at Starbucks one morning. CraZY! I totally blanked on the fact that he lives right around the area. He was there studying and doing research. So glad I looked to my left or I would have totally missed him. Wish we would have had more time to catch up but at least he got to meet Mr. 72. Sorry for the impromptu ambush-like meeting!
  • The boys tried to go surfing but by the time we got over there it was too cold and the waves just weren’t there. I felt bad for them, I know Mr. 72 was really looking forward to that.

There are the major bullets from the trip. Hard to tell everything that happened in a post that anyone would want to read. The small moments are what make a trip to me, things that people don’t blog about.

Little Moments Vomit: Wendy’s forgot to put sausage in the Mr’s breakfast sandwich, listening to Tucson music mixes, discussing how Mr cannot helicopter ski off a mountain, Jolly’s driving skillz, making friends with a duck, beer getting stolen, bartender making me walk all the way back to my purse at the pool to prove I wasn’t twelve (bartender prolly thought kudos to Mr. 72 on bagging the young lady), riding razors back to Mr’s brother’s camp, holding hands….a lot, valet guy calling me Mrs. “Mr 72” when he got our car [SUPER G moment for me], eyeballing a couple of classic cars, sight-seeing Mr. 72’s childhood spots, wearing the same “couple-outfit” to another Irish bar, napping on the beach, Mr and Squeezes’ impromptu jam session in the garage….and then again in the living room, shots in the kitchen, stinky but adorable dogs, polka-dot dress, playing shuffle board and drinking white russians in the swanky lounge, whiskey does not make you frisky lol.

See? It’s the little stuff. The drive home was just as good as the way out. I could talk and stare at Mr for 7 hours any day. Love of my life. Thank you mi amor for another wonderful vacation. I adore you.

More pictures to come….someone, *cough *cough, hasn’t downloaded them yet.

Smiles’ Hair

Many people have mentioned that it really is time to cut little man’s hair. I have repeatedly said “NO!”. Well…..since I am thinking of moving him into a toddler bed soon and he has yet to have his hair cut, maybe it’s time I accept the fact that my baby is growing up and not so much a baby anymore. But he’s not even 2 so…really still a baby. I do kind of feel bad every time his hair gets in his mouth or eyes so I think it’s time……but we are ONLY cutting bangs……don’t even think about suggesting I cut off those curls in the back!

Here is Smiles, crazy hair and all.

Inspiration pictures

So…here it is….I cut it because I just wanted it done. I was terrified though because I didn’t want him to turn and get scissors in his eyes… the cut was a little crooked and jagged, but it got the job done! He’s still cute, uneven bangs and all.

“Straight line”

After waking up from a good night sleep…the curls take over, I guess it didn’t matter if they were cut in a straight line! LOL

First Hair Cut….curls that won’t quit!

May 18 – 20, 2012

Teacher Career Fair

Playing cars with mom….this could go on for hours! Things Smiles says while playing, “awesome”, “wow”, “whoa”, “GO!”, “again?”, “no fit?” sometimes the cars get stuck on the track, lol

My favorite cousin and his baby girl.

Had such a good weekend! Saturday I went to a career fair for teachers and I was super nerous but it went well. More about that in a later lost, but at least I figured out what I want to do when I grow up!

Then after that on Saturday, the whole family and extended family came over to my parents house for a pool party and BBQ. Even Mr. 72 came with his girls. Smiles had a great time and got to eat a lot of yummy tortillas and got his first hair cut! This was also the first time Mr. 72 was meeting my extended family….they can be a rough crowd with potential additions to the family. LOL

Totally noteworthy: Mr. 72’s youngest ran up to me when they got out of the truck and jumped into my arms, I swear my heart melted!

Other noteworthy comments made:

  • Tio – “I like him” …this is big deal comnig from my uncle
  • Cousin – “Good job thinking with your brain this time…most girls end up in the same type of relationship they left, but not you, good job”. “I like him” (me, “why”) “because he showed up to a family event with his daughters and it could have been totally awkward, but he man’d up” …..very good point indeed
  • Tia – “I like your family” (me: “I like you too?”) “No, Mr. 72 and the girls, your new family” OMG….my Tia doesn’t really say that about anyone coming into the family!!
  • Ruth (she’s like an aunt) – “The kids already look alike, that works out” LOL true statement
  • Mr. 72 – “I want to be a part of your family” ….speechless, whenever you’re ready Mister

I wish I would have taken more pictures Saturday…it was just so much fun that I forgot…oh well.

Sunday I decided to go to church with Mr. 72 and his girls. This was an event for me. When we got out of the service we picked up the kiddos…I ran to get Smiles past all the other lolligagging parents, lol.Leaving and picking up Smiles from the day care center broke my heart. I cried when I picked him up because when he saw me, he cried and put out his arms for me to hold him. I think this will be good for him in the long run…he needs to play with other kids and learn how to share, etc. But this was hard…I’ve never left him with strangers before…no daycare, nothing. He’s only ever stayed with his GG (caregiver) or family. After we reunited as a group….Mr. 72’s oldest gave both me and him pictures she had drawn in class. It was so special to me that she thought about drawing one especially for me. So freakin sweet! It is now on my fridge 🙂

Our little “family” went to lunch after church, Paradise Bakery. It was kinda awesome how well me and Mr. 72 worked to make sure the kiddos didn’t go nutzo in public. We make a fabulous team if I don’t say so myself.

All-in-all, amazing weekend!