Fun that has been had

Fun. The last two months have been fun…a tad stressful at times, but overall FUN. A quick update in pictures 🙂

1: We went to a Foals concert on 4/18/13 at Marquee Theater in Tempe. Super good band, check them out if you haven’t already!

2: My sister was in town for the weekend in April. We got a chance to go out as an adult couple group. We went to Tapas Papas Frita and another hidden swanky bar after. If I could remember the name of the bar I’d tell you but …it escapes me at the moment. It was pretty cool, they had couches everywhere, it was dark and keg-like, plus live music and slow dancing. Next time me and the Mr. go, we are definitely dancing when sibling eyes are making fun of us, hehe. It was fun watching my sister and her hubs try after 5,000 attempts to get a picture they liked at dinner, lol. Such good looking family I have 😉

3: We met the family at San Tan Flats on Saturday for lunch. This is cool place for kids; cowboys, ranch, fire pits, things to climb on…even smores at night!

4: Summa-summa-time! Yup April marks the start of summer in AZ. Get ready, it’s about to get SUPA hot!


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