Easter Weekend 2013

Talk about a busy weekend! Again me and the Mr. made it a memorable weekend and lived it up. Friday we got off early for Good Friday and I took him for him birthday present event. We tend to give each other “memory” gifts rather than a physical something since people generally forget the “thing” they get, but they wouldn’t forget doing something. So I took him horseback riding! Life is about living right?

We took off for Fort McDowell Adventures in Fountain Hills and got on our horses and left for a 1.5 hour trail ride with our group and guides. My horse’s name was Sterling…a general rule follower. Mr. 72s was “emry”? ….not a rule follower. LOL. He even got in a biting war with another horse which the Mr handled very well. He apparently wanted to be the guide horse and not just in line for the trail. He wanted to be free. Either way it was a beautiful day and all the flowers were in bloom. AMAZING. One of the times of the year where the desert is super pretty. Oh ya….I guess in all fairness this needs to be mentioned….So in getting dressed to go horseback riding I wore the oldest, most comfy pants I own. Oldest being the operative word here. As I went to lift my leg to get on the horse, with the help of a young lad, my pants RIPPED. Oh ya. That was fun.

On to other things. We went down to Tucson Saturday to see my bestie who was in town with her family for the annual gathering. — We stopped at one of the most delicious Mexican food places on the way. If you drive down to Tucson for some reason, stop at Casa Molina and grab the Enchiladas de la Casa. You won’t regret it.  — It was great to see her since I really only get to once a year. I finally met her youngest baby, love her voice, so cute. Could have held her all night but there were others there who wanted to meet her too. Darn. I didn’t get to talk to J very much so I think a girls trip and/or a trip to Seattle needs to be in the works this year again. Yay!

Sunday we drove home and picked up the chick-lets  We ended up going over to my parents for Easter Sunday and playing with all the other kiddos. It was nice to just hang out with the family, we haven’t done that in a while. I wish Smiles could have been there too but all in all it was a good day.

Oh ya….if you’re not watching The Walking Dead….you are missing out. Catch up before next season starts.

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