Oh my, decisions, decisions.

I have been working and researching how to get into a career in teaching. I’m at a crossroads right now. I may be able to get an internship through a school in conjunction with the department of education if I can get someone to hire me as an intern. If not, then I need to go back to school to get a degree or certificate in secondary education. I really would prefer not to get another degree until I decide if I want to go into administration …. but it may be necessary.

The issue is that to enroll in the teacher prep program at school, I have to have an intent to hire from a school that wants to hire me. Some schools require that I have enrolled in the program and have the intern certificate….but I can’t get that without an intent to hire! I’m going around in circles trying to figure out how to make that all happen. Hopefully, I can find a school that will give me the intent to hire on the condition I enroll in the program and get the certificate before starting the teaching position.

The issue with going back to school is that it will take me until end of Fall 2014 to complete all my classes and student teaching. Not really bad, but when you are 31 and a single-mom, you need to know what life may bring and where you will get money to pay for life if you don’t have a job while student teaching. Then, it’s rare that schools hire mid-year in January. So it may take me a whole eight more months to get a position, pushing the timeline back to Fall 2015! That would mean that I would be without a job for almost a year! Waitressing??

I have an interview today with a charter school. Wish me luck! I could really use something good to happen with this area of life…not sure if I can make a decision on what path would get me into teaching quicker?


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