Smiles in bullet points

My baby boy amazing me sometimes.

  • He is learning so fast and so quick. With learning Spanish and English I thought he would be a tad behind because of having to distinguish between the languages but he is really doing great and knows who to speak Spanish to and who in English. His nanny GG always tells me that he knows to speak to her in Spanish whereas with me he really only uses a few choice words in Spanish. 
  • The other day he was asking what certain words said on a piece of fabric (had different animals sounds repeated on it) and then he without asking me, matched it with the same word on a different spot of the fabric. I’m not sure if you can count this as reading but I was certainly impressed. 
  • I got him one of those bikes without pedals so he can practice riding with the assurance of his own feet holding him up. He seems to like it and will ride it for a little while. I think once he realizes he has control over it he is going to be gone like the wind….now to get him to wear his helmet!
  • He sat through Cars 2 last week. First movie I have ever seen him sit through. Now he asks for “Mader” constantly, lol. Good thing that movie is funny, otherwise I’d go nuts. But hey, it’s a welcome break from Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.
  • Miss H also showed him how to ride a toy quad and he did it! After 7 months of having his, he finally got on one! He hasn’t since but I think this “older sister” thing is going to work out! He will try anything if she shows him first….should probably keep an eye on those two growing up lol.
  • Then on Valentine’s Day I walk into the house, he’s dressed in a red shirt with a black vest, holding a toy rose that light’s up and smiles and runs to me saying “Happy valentine’s Mommy” – Melt my heart.

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