2013 Valen-buggy Day

…or week, or weeks if you feel like going overboard. Which I did and he did, yay!

I had decided to once and for all put to rest who loves who more and out do him for V-Day. 14 days of love. Each day I planned on giving him something or doing something nice for him. I did end up missing a couple days cause life happened but for the most part I think it went over well.

A few of the things I did were leaving notes or cards, gave him some of his favorite snacks (Wasabi and soy almonds, Kit Kat), planned a very romantical picnic date (complete with old quilt blanket, vintage picnic basket, wine, and a sunset), a bottle of his favorite whiskey, personalized coffee mugs, framed pictures of each member of our family, donuts on Sunday morning, and then finally over decorating his house for valentine’s with personalized notes of promises I will keep to him.

I know he said it was too much but I don’t ever want to to stop showing him how much I care and how much I love him. I enjoyed every second of making him happy probably more than he enjoyed getting it.

He also surprised me by giving me a bouquet of roses at work with a super sappy card. Then another bouquet at home later that evening. PLUS a trip to a cabin in a couple weeks for some buggy time and he scheduled us to take couple pictures in a few weeks too with lovely photographer Traci Sewell. I am so excited! I went out the next day to look for outfits 🙂 (Thanks T and A for helping me shop!)

I think our debate on who loves who more will have to be settled another day….it was a great Valen-buggy day!


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