Christmas/New Year’s 2012

Man staying home for the holiday’s has never been so hectic! We did so much the week of Christmas and then New Year’s! It was a great holiday minus my niece going into the hospital, Smiles being sick and not being able to work it out where we had the babies all week long…I missed them when they were gone.


12/22 – Mr 72s parents came into town, we hung out and then my parents and his parents FINALLY got to meet; the girls grandparents gave them some gifts to open and we played outside to show everyone Miss H riding her bike with NO training wheels! She getting so good at it!

12/23 – went to Christmas service, …a bit over the top and not like normal services in my opinion but it was ok; Miss H sat with us (normally goes to kids classes) and Mr 72s dad wasn’t able to join us because he came down sick the night before; we grabbed lunch at home then I headed back to church to help with the daycare during the noon service;

12/24 – We finally had a few hours to get all three kiddos in one place to exchange gifts, my parents came over to see the girls open theirs, so glad they got to spend that time with us! Mr 72 had to drop off the girls in the afternoon to spend the holiday with their mom, After he came over to finish out Christmas Eve with me and Smiles and my family at my sisters…a rousing game of Ticket to Ride later and we headed home.

12/25 – We woke up in the morning and got to open gifts with Smiles, he found the candy in his shoes from St. Nick, we ate cinnamon rolls (family tradition), walked to the park and played, went to grab the trailer for a upcoming dune trip (didn’t end up happening, sad face), relaxed at home and watched half of A Christmas Story before passing out

  • Notable presents – Smiles – more cars, pet night light; girls – dolls, doll houses, barbies, Wii games; Mr 72 – santa gave him a new KTM; Me – Backpack full of Canon goodies, new camera and lenses and memory cards, oh my!; We also got some date nights which will come in very handy!

12/26 – I had to work…bleh. Found out after work, when I was headed over to make Mr 72 enchiladas so he would have left overs to take to the dunes (I wasn’t joining him this time), that his trip was probably not going to happen. I felt so bad, he had gotten all ready the trailer was prepped for packing, he got groceries….he wasn’t too happy either. But apparently enchiladas put Mr 72 in a better mood…keep that one in my back pocket! My CA sister made it into town with her two kiddos and hubs.

12/27 – I only worked a half day so my family celebration could be had! Positive outcome of Mr 72 not leaving was now he could spend Christmas with my family. He got to see the opening of the presents, park time, my nephew shooting his new bow and arrow, first taste of pozole! YUM. He also took some time before the sun went down to ride his bike at the field…at least he got some riding in.

12/28 – again work. why do I work here. Grr. Anyhow Mr 72 ended up going golfing with my closest cousin and my CA-brother-in-law. Good bro time? sure…didn’t get much in the way of details which is weird since i always get an earful of information but oh well…as long as they had fun!

12/29 – Me and Smiles went to see Mr 72 ride his new KTM bike at the track…for about 30 minutes before Smiles came down with a super fever and fell asleep in my lap. Went to urgent care and they said it was the flu. So we went home and relaxed, he slept/watched TV, and I made sure he was well taken care of.

12/30 – still sequestered in my home from all other humans…not sure if the world has ended cause we haven’t been outside. Nervous about taking him out in the cold when he is still sick. I went a bit stir crazy…..

12/31 – Dressed up all cute for New Year’s Eve at work since I wasn’t going out that night. Mr 72 had the chiclets so we stayed in, played Wii, hung out and then put them to bed and watched The Walking Dead. Apparently I was REALLY excited about it that I downed half a bottle of wine and found myself drunk when I stood up to go to bed!

1/1 – I really didn’t expect to greet the new year so early….good morning Miss E….at 4:17AM!!! Oh wow….go to bed, then every 30 minutes  go back to bed…then around 5:30, get in bed and lay down. 7:00 Miss H, get in bed and lay down….7:45…fine, we are up. LOL Happy New Year!

That was our week and a half. It was exhausting but amazing! As long as I get to spend time with my family and babies I am a happy girl.

I wish everyone a Happy 2013 with more love, happiness and blessings than 2012. I love where my life is going so I can’t wait to see what 2013 will bring!


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