The Daily Mundane 12/21/12

Days Notable Events

1. What a BUSY day! I haven’t done so much in one day in a LONG time! – dropped truck off for service, went to The Farmhouse for breakfast (YUM), edited pictures, ate lunch?…I think we ate lunch, went to pick up truck, didn’t because we needed to go to Toys R Us so we took one car and left the truck, came back and got the truck, went home, went to the grocery store to get dinner for tomorrow night, went and saw The Hobbit in 3D, grabbed dinner at Rubios, went home…..SLEEP

2. My niece is still in the hospital and it looks like she will be there for some time 😦


Weather? beautiful day, sunny and cool

Conversations? good conversations with my Mr while driving like crazy around town. nothing in particular stands out…just good ol converstation


Topic Starter: Movie – So The Hobbit. Amazing in 3D. Peter Jackson….you done did it again. 3 hours, no ending. I was unawares this was a 2-parter?, please don’t be a 3-parter. Also, movie goers….stop eating with your mouth open, bringing babies to the movies, get a sitter, ….sorry that’s how I feel; and then when they are old enough to come to a movie with you, please stop explaining the movie to your children at normal volume…or if you must…sit far away from people.


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