The Daily Mundane 12/21/12

Days Notable Events

1. Went with Mr 72…soon to be Mr 119. 😉 to the track so he could try out his new KTM 350 bike. He loves btw. No more kick starting for my man 😉2012 KTM 350 EXC-F

2. Edited pictures in the truck at the track until my computer died.

3. My parents and Mr 72s parents met for the first time tonight. We invited them over for dinner. I think it went well. We both have a great set of still-in-love-after-decades-of-being-together parents. Great role models for a new relationship…or old one.

Weather? lovely AZ weather…perfect for playing outside

Conversations? Mr 72 and my Ma bonded over why I shouldn’t want to homeschool….I’m not letting go of this idea just yet.



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