The Daily Mundane 12/19/12

Days Notable Events

1. Went to Christmas service this morning – Ma and Pop, Mr 72s mom and Lil’ H joined us. It wasn’t a stand out sermon for me but it was still nice to be there with some family.

2. Helped at the noon service in Smiles usual classroom. Oh 28 – 30-something month old’s have a lot of feelings and opinions, lol.

3. Spent about 6 hours editing….I need to eat dinner….or ice cream, whichever I find first, you take a guess which.


Verse or Quote?  It’s a noisy world, don’t miss the music. – Cal Jernigan

Topic Starter: What was a tradition growing up for the holiday’s?

  • My most favorite thing growing up was going to my cousin’s house Christmas Eve. We would eat dinner, get dress up, dance, and hang out. I miss that this hasn’t happened in a couple years. Maybe once I get more settled, I can help carry on the tradition. Luckily, this year, my sister graciously opened her house to all of us. Thanks R family!

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