The Daily Mundane 12/19/12

Days Notable Events

1. Super emotional this morning, bleh

2. Mr. 72 looked very handsome in his orange argyle…I’m a lucky girl

3. Went to the AT&T store to discuss the phone number issue on my new phone…Smiles did great until he didn’t lol

4. Made a fort with Smiles…looks pretty good for my first try. Next year will be much better. I think I will add lights tomorrow if I have time. Gonna try to one up myself every year. (Got this idea from another blogger I follow, check her out, she is my photographer crush. I hope to one day to even come close to the skills this girl has.)


Weather? again, a lovely AZ day

Verse or Quote?  “Happiness is not something ready made. It comes from your own actions.”~Dalai Lama

Topic Starter: Try to list what cars you had growing up

  • Station Wagon….you know the one with the seats that look out the back window, lol
  • The Red Beast – conversion van – TV, fold down couch in the back, thing was awesome! I remember waking up in the van surprised by a road trip…my dad got good at transferring us from bed to the van without waking us up
  • Blue Mini Van — mom loved this van and I remember being pretty upset when they sold it
  • White Chevy
  • 3 Honda Civic’s – white, tan and grey. The grey lasted the longest and I drove it in high school and then my brother took it to college. That thing made the worst sound…we would know it was coming from miles away…so embarrassing in high school. The white one didn’t last long and I think, if I remember right it had some bad hail damage from a storm that year we had it.
  • Honda Accord – Dad gave it to Mom one year for Christmas
  • a white work truck?
  • Mazda MPV mini van – I also drove this in high school, i think my junior year
  • Dad’s little Nissan? Toyota truck…you know the old small ones?
  • Navy Blue Chevy S10 – my dad taught me to drive stick on this truck, loved it
  • My First Car – 89 Honda Prelude – grey, 2-door, stick shift, sun roof and full window rear view mirror! i am debating whether to admit to this but I put way too many backstreet boys bumper stickers on this car
  • First Car I bought with my own saved money – 96 Honda Civic, 2 door, black, had this through college, I remember I put down $1,000 and my payment was $147..I remember feeling so grown up when I did this

Yes…we were a very Honda family lol

Family….are there any other cars I am not remembering or wasn’t around for?


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