The Daily Mundane 12/17/12

Days Notable Events

1. Finished “Nightmare Before Christmas” Gingerbread house at work

2. Made Chilaquiles Verdes for my love

3. First slow dance ever with Mr. 72 – in the kitchen while making dinner…song was: Jueves by La Oreja de Van Gogh


Weather? beautiful day, sunny and cool

Conversations? funny conversation with Mr 72 about how i love everything old…..mentioned that i saw a car i liked….ya it was a Buick

Verse or Quote?  You say that you love me and I give you — The last faint beat of my heart – Lyrics from Jueves by La Oreja de Van Gogh

Topic Starter: Current Read?

I’m reading Letters from a Skeptic – this is a really good book. I’ll post on this some other time once I have time to digest some of the content. I think Christianity believer or not, it’s a good read. It covers arguements from both sides. Authors: Dr. Gregory A. Boyd and Edward Boyd


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