Today 12/11/12

smilesSaw this idea on another blog I follow, Indie Jane (check her out…she is my photography idol). Thought I’d give this a go since my sisters and I decided there is something wrong with our gene pool last night….we all have horrible memories and no sense of smell.

Watching :: The clock tick by very slowly

Listening to :: People typing and “The J Band”

Planning :: to go to bed early tonight

Thinking about :: taking Smiles to Nana and Abuelo’s tonight

Loving :: Mr. 72, I would have never tried to accomplish what I have accomplished without him in my life, believing I could do it

Stressing about :: the scarcity of job openings right now and that I may fall asleep on the way home

Looking forward to :: sleep….did I mention I’m tired?

Reading :: Going to start “Letters from a Skeptic: A Son Wrestles with His Father’s Questions about Christianity” by Dr. Gregory A. Boyd

Making me happy :: Music and that I just finished editing another photography session :), only 4 to go!

Wishing :: That we could find a ski vacation that wasn’t booked or insanely expensive….stoopid Sundance film festival


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