Dune Season Begins! Weee!!!

SO Flippin Excited!! Dune Season!!!

Our first trip of the season was last weekend. Mr. 72 got us a new 70 to ride too! This was the first trip where I rode his quad and a 70 on the baby dunes. They don’t feel very baby-ish when you are first learning but  think I did pretty well for my first time out. I also got to ride in a sand car which was a lot of fun and VERY dirty. I got bathed in sand a few times. Thank goodness the driver advised me to cover my camera with something for the ride. Needless to say, I didn’t take my camera out from the cover once….I was scared to get my baby dirty!

This was the first trip I really got to ride Mr. 72’s quad on my own. I got pretty comfy on it and felt like I could handle a couple hills on the baby dunes. I do like stopping short which isn’t a good thing when it almost flings you off the front…I think Mr. 72’s heart stopped for a few good minutes when he saw that happening. Then I came up laughing cause it was a tad fun.

We had so much fun. Sent off wish lanterns again, which the sand pirates tried to shoot down Mr. 72’s. Sorry pirates, can’t take down his wish! We sat by the camp fire, relaxed (a little) and enjoyed the sand pirates sending up very cool and LOUD fireworks. They also played music that was so loud we couldn’t hear each other around our camp fire. Eh, oh well. It was fun nonetheless.

Can’t wait for the next trip!


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