Hard to buy for?? Really?

So, someone, I won’t say who, eh-hum… Stephen, may have said I’m hard to buy for. While, I don’t really need or want anything, I don’t think that it is true that I’m hard to buy for. There is still stuff I’m interested in getting but haven’t for one reason or another.

So here is a gift guide for anyone who is shopping for someone who is like me. Stephen and I already agreed on doing a different kind of present this year so this is really not for me. But since I have time to online browse…thought it might be helpful to some other people looking for gift ideas for their vintage loving peeps. Esty and Mod Cloth are great places to start looking for those types of people. I also posted about a Stylus I’m still eyeballing a while ago. Would be awesome for a blogger or photographer or any type of artist really.

World Map Vintage Style Customized Colors - 12x18 Silhouette Art Print

Vintage Kodak XL362 Super 8 Movie Camera

CLOVER Extra long loose beige tights for BJD 60cm SD Delf Mod Cloth Mod Cloth DressOr a vintage bike, complete with basket and colorful paint job

Craigslist Fixer Upper Bike

Papillion Aire Bikes



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