Thanksgiving 2012

This Thanksgiving we stayed at Mr 72s with the 3 kiddos. His parents, grandma and uncle came to eat dinner with us, in from CA. It was so nice to have the family together to eat with, I love when his family comes to town. I started cooking early in the morning, first things first, upside turkey in the oven! I LOVE making Thanksgiving dinner. We even had time to take the kids to the park to get some energy out! This year wasn’t my best showing on cooking…need to work on my timing and I really need a second oven. Oh well. Everyone was full.

I think everyone had a great time spending the day together. We tried to make it to my families for dessert but it turns out we missed everyone by about 15 minutes when everyone had called it a night. Well, at least we got to see my parents for a minute and eat some dessert 🙂

We got to take the kids with us on Friday to the track. We loaded up the trailer and spent the day there. It was less stressful than I was anticipating with all three kids, one minor event, but overall not bad 🙂


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