Hey Baby Boy

Hi boo-boo,

You are growing up so fast! You are a year and a few months now. Sometimes I look at you and you seem so big already. You talk allllll the time. I don’t always understand you but it cracks me up anyway. You make some of the silliest faces, I guess you do take after your mama after all. 

New words and phrases:

  • Probrecito
  • I can’t hear you – I say this when you try to talk with your “boo-boo” in your mouth
  • Go this/that way – you like to tell me where to drive, especially when you want to go see the bikes (Mr. 72 riding)
  • I no like
  • I scared or I not scared
  • Oh bumpers Zeffy – from your nightly show Chuggington
  • Cammmmm Emilieee Hannah. – on repeat, lol
  • Go play drums

Favorite shows:

  • Chuggington
  • ChooChoo Soul
  • Mickey Mouse
  • Pocoyo
  • Little Einsteins
  • The Backyardigans
  • Doc McStuffins
  • Oso 

You are great at kicking, throwing or passing a ball. You love walking around the neighborhood. We walk to the mailbox and you always take the long way home. You love going over the bumpy parts of the sidewalk fast saying “Whooooah!…bumpy”. You love dancing and are even starting to “sing” along to cartoon theme songs. We have dance party’s every week in the living room.

You LOVE Nana. You always ask for her before bed. Pumpkins remind you of her…and banana’s, you think that one is funny. You even remembered she gave you the little dolphin key chain from their cruise. 

I just got you your big boy bed. Buelo helped us get it yesterday on Halloween. It is dark wood and antique. I think I’m going to add transportation things to your room too; an airplane hanging up and maybe a train somehow. 

We are trying to potty train you too. GG is practicing everyday and you are doing GREAT! You even went one night when I was home. I was such a proud mama, you got a few high fives! 

You know your letters and now I’m trying to get you to say them in order with the alphabet. You are pretty good at counting when you want to be, even into the ‘teens. You are learning how to cross the street without running through like a crazy person. (Thank you, you were freakin me out!). 

Every night we watch Chuggington together on the couch and cuddle until mama thinkgs you should be tickled. 

I love you so much. I can’t believe you are growing so fast. I know you’re only two but that means I only have 16 or less years before I have to let you go out on your own. Even though I’m learning still that your parents never really let you go out on your own….even if you think you are. 

I love you boo-boo.



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