Vintaged Rabbit and Traci Sewell Photography are excited to announce our winner of the Tracing Rabbits Photography Challenge! BUT before we do that, we thought we should share the story of how this challenge came about.

Vintaged Rabbit and Traci Sewell Photography have worked together on some photography project in the past and while doing that, we found that we challenge eachother to look at our creative and technical sides a little differently. Having someone to challenge how you see the world through your lens is a good thing and it has certianly helped us develop our style and improve our technical abilities. Through this activity, we decided that it would be fun if we challeneged other people too and even more fun if we offer a prize for the winners. So we set out looking for sponsor and were so fortunate to have found five wonderful sponsor step forward and support the challenge. We have been working with them throughout the challenge and would quickly reccommend them to everyone!

So, with all of that said, we would like to THANK everyone who participated in the photography challenge and our sponsors. We hope you all participants were challenged and learned something about themselves and photography while participating.

Enough of the small chat… time to announce the winner!


Kayla was one of the most strong contestants the entire challege and submitted some really exciting work. You can see more of her photography portfolio here!

Kayla- we will be contacting you shortly to collect your pizes of over $100 in goods from our lovely sponsors!


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