For the past few weeks Smiles has been without his regular child care, GG, as we so endearingly call her. He loves her, I love her…people who don’t know her, love her. All my friends are jealous and really how could they not be, she is amazing. She speaks in Spanish to him so he is learning two languages; he always has new words or phrases to surprise me with. They go on walks, they paint, they are silly. Mostly, he loves her. 

She has been back home working on getting some paperwork in order and we miss her. We don’t know when she is coming back, hopefully soon.

So, in the meantime. My sister, sister-in-law and my dad were amazing and offered to split time with us and watch Smiles while his dad and I were at work. Two weeks we figured this out. Well….week three rolled in and we needed to find a better solution. We found a day care center at the local high school and I thought, well at least it is in a place where learning happens and where he will be surrounded by people who know how to teach and educate children. We signed him up.

All weekend long, I was dreading this. I couldn’t sleep, couldn’t focus, really nothing got done. Sunday night, it hit me, I can’t do this, I don’t want to even if I could. But I mustered up the courage and took Smiles in the morning. We walked the dreadful sidewalk towards the playground, through the two hallways, and into the last door on the left. The room looked happy, like children enjoyed being there….so I left after a held-back tear hug and besito. I heard Smiles cry and wonder why “mama gone”. It broke my heart. 

All day long at work I couldn’t focus, I felt like somehow I had failed as a mom. I called a few times to check on him, he was ok, they said he got sad once in a while but was playing and keeping busy. After work I rushed to him and low and behold….he was FINE. He looked at me and then kept playing like he had been coming to this place his whole life. Ok, good, I guess. 

He attended every day for a week. He loved it. He crafted, read, played outside, “made friends”, he said “go to school”. It was kind of cute to be honest. A glimpse into the future. Although, it turned out to be a good experience (one of which I forgot to get photos of….I know, what kind of paparazzi do I claim to be!) and I’m glad I know he would be fine if we had to do it again, I’m SO HAPPY GG is back! (sorry this post took me a week to write, lol). And so is she and so is he. There is nothing and no one like GG. 

Update: I did have pictures!! Here they are 🙂


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