Family Camping Trip – Summer 2012

What a fun trip!! Seriously, so much fun! The only thing missing was my oldest sister and her family. It was sad that they were not there to play around with us but understandably since it would have been a far trek from Southern California. Next time we agreed to meet somewhere in the middle.

So the remaining family members (all 17 of us) traveled up north in Arizona to Bear Canyon Lake. We were a little frantic in the morning…at least I was because I woke up to a thunder storm outside. I text Mr. 72 wondering what we should do about this. Then I text my sister saying “oh uh”. But we forged on because the kids would be so sad if we didn’t even try…and honestly, so would the adults have been. So we met up at my house and took off. My mom and sister met us later that evening since they had to work…thank goodness because I forgot to bring Smiles pants! Parenting fail. I was just going to put him in adult socks if we couldn’t get pants, LOL.

We headed north and when we finally got to the Mogollon Rim we started searching for a great spot to set up camp. It was a little tricky since we had an RV and two trailers that needed flat, DRY, resting spots. Luckily, we found a great wide open camp ground where all three trailers could circle around a family spot and it was somewhat close to the lake! The whole weekend we only had a few rain scares and just a few sprinkles ended up coming to fruition. The weather was amazing!

Both nights we were there we had a projector and white sheets hung for outdoor movie nights. The kids got treats both night and got to relax before heading inside for bed. Every day the kids took hikes and even spent two trips collecting garbage. I love the tradition that my brother in law started with that. To camp outdoors and to enjoy nature and to leave it better than you found it. Such a great lesson to teach kids. (But maybe tell the kids, not to pick up the glass pieces, lol….or bring gloves).

We also brought with us two quads to ride. One was Mr. 72’s so only he could ride it…not being selfish of course, but it was a race quad and harder to drive for those who aren’t use to it…plus it was manual and required you to use a clutch. The other quad was more user friendly, automatic. The kids all took turns taking rides with adults and they had a blast. Smiles was not into it at all, he said “no mommy, skery”. Poor kid. We fished down at the lake, no luck catching anything but some of the kiddos did catch some craw fish. Gross I know. All the kids did pretty well, there were a couple meltdowns, mainly by Smiles and Thumper but other than that, nothing crazy. All the girls seemed to get along pretty well and Miss H seemed to fit right into the groove of the “S-Family” unit. It was really nice to see her open up a little more and be more interactive with the other kids. All the kids are so smart and pretty well-behaved for 4-8 year old’s.

Mr. 72 and I got to take a few rides through the forest, SO MUCH FUN! I even caught some air to which Mr. 72 freaked out about. At least now he knows how much I freak out when he does it. I can’t wait to go on a ride again! [dunes here I come!] Riding through the woods was incredible; you get to see nature in a different view, untouched. There were no cars, campsite, trash, nothing. Just dirt trails for off-road vehicles. We stopped and just looked for a little bit because it is not often you get to see it this way.

I can’t wait for next year’s trip. I love spending time with family and to have everyone reconnect and laugh and be together is so important for keeping those family bonds intact.

Enjoy the pics! (watch out Cole….the Tarantula Bat is in there!)
Oh ya…the Tarantula Bat. This thing decided my sister law would be fun to cuddle up with…except she is deathly scared of spiders. She did pretty well keeping it together to not freak out her baby (if I saw a snake…I would cry, scream, hyperventilate, pass out, then probably not come out of the trailer all weekend and subsequently begged the family to leave that instant). So I give her kudos on that. Everyone was fine and Mr. 72 saved her and whacked it with his shoe and captured it in a bottle…to then be released far from camp. Camping Tip – Don’t leave blankets outside during the night, creepy crawly things apparently like cuddly blankets too.

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