Week 5 – Rule of Thirds


Hello Challengers!

Week 5’s challenge is to use the Rule of Thirds. The composition of your photograph really determines what the viewer sees in the picture. Try to imagine your view finder as divided into nine boxes, equally sized. Generally you want to try to choose to place your subject in one of the four spot where the lines intersect. 

(Granted I could have cropped this better so that he could have been on the upper right intersection point but motor bike racing is motor bike racing. They don’t always land and take off where you want them to!) Another consideration is to either “see” where the subject is going or where they were previously. In this spot above it found it more important to see the jump that the rider took off on. In the picture below from Traci Sewell, baby girl is showing you where to look by placing her in the right third of the screen. This creates so much more interest in the picture, instead of just seeing a picture of her adorable face…even though that would be ok too!

Challengers have fun and don’t forget to submit your pictures by Sunday night at 8:00pm MST!!!






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