Smiles’ Birthday

IMG_9535 IMG_9520 IMG_9524

So I’m behind in writing….and posting this. Life kind of happened and now I’m 4 [edit 6 months now] months behind. So life will be told in pictures for a few posts. 🙂

Silas had a great birthday party, again at Nana and Abuelo’s. He opened presents, had a soccer ball cake, made by mama, watched and tried to hit the pinata that GG gave him, and played a ton!It was nice to have our family and friends there to help celebrate this little man turning 2.

Thank You’s!

Thank you for sharing Smiles 2nd Birthday with me!

Thank you Nana and Abuelo for letting me have my birthday party at your house! And for the Steve McQueen Car, books, matching game and markers. The markers taste yummy!

Thank you Mr 72, H and E for the Steve McQueen car and for coming to my party!! “Go Fast!”

Thank you Mr and Mrs. P and T for the noise puzzle and clothes! Smiles loves doing puzzles and this one is so much fun!

Thank you N for the green Sock Monkey and for coming to my party!

Thank you T, A and Mr A for the Aquabook and new book! Thank you for giving him something that won’t ruin the house! teehee

Thank you Tio, Aunt N, twins, S and Z for the Sit N’ Spin! This is so much fun and I love falling off when Mama spins me!

Thank you Aunt JamzDoe, Stunna and El for the new clothes and book! I love the books with sounds and I look super cool in a tank top!

Thank you GG for the Piñata!! I wish you could have been there to see me hit it and eat the lollipops and make a mess! I loved my present!

Thank you Auntie S, Uncle J, Dew and Evie for the pj’s and books! I love the Look N’ Find and have fun pulling the pages on the animal counting book!


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