Bring on the Next Sponsor!! Noelle Grace Designs

Are you getting more excited?? We sure are! Check it out, our next sponsor is Noelle Grace Designs. Noelle Grace makes handcrafted accessories for girls which are so stinkin endearing and heart melting. Christy makes all of her headbands and jewelry custom order for each purchase. I love the colors and textures in these headbands….I don’t even need to say much they speak for themselves. Take a look!






Noelle Grace Designs is offering a generous prize for your winner, a $25 gift card to her Etsy shop! The accessories run between $5.00 -$14.00 so you can really stock up for your little one or fill up on your photography props!  Thank you Noelle Grace for the amazing prize!

Don’t forget to follow Christy and Noelle Grace on Facebook and Pinterest for specials, discounts, and news!

Visit Noelle Grace in their Etsy Store


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