Dear Smiles…my baby boy

I want to continue a tradition I started while I was pregnant. I wrote letters to you to tell you how I felt, what I wished for you, what music I was listening to, and other random things. I’m getting a little choked up thinking about this letter and that you will read it one day and understand it. My hope is that you will find these helpful at some point. Maybe just as insight into who I am and how I see you.

I try to be an open book. I want you to know me at every stage of life. I know when you become a teenager you will think I am old and don’t understand what you are going through, but at one time, I wasn’t old. Life challenges may seem different and have their own uniqueness but everyone goes through similar life events. I want you to know you aren’t alone and that many people love and adore you and want to help you be happy, successful, and generous.

You are about to be two. I can’t believe how fast your first two years went by. You have grown and become such a funny, goofy little boy. You are so much fun to be around…most of the time. You do have a temper sometimes, like when I try to take my phone back so I can answer a call, you love to look at the pictures and videos on there. Or when I won’t let you smack me in the face. You’re laugh is infectious though. Last night your were standing on my legs and would say “yesh” meaning, tickle me till I fall over. You did this over and over. You’re in the phase of doing sometime over and over again and get upset if someone interrupts you before you are done learning.

You love GG, your nanny. You always say “oh GG” or “GG gone” if she isn’t around…or if you’re in trouble you ask for her. You love music and dancing, you twirl around till you get dizzy, or run in place and clap and wiggle. You love to scream, play, run, hide, make a mess, throw food off your tray, and you love anything sweet. You tried to have 3 grown-adult-sized pieces of cake at the twins birthday party last weekend….you only got away with having 2 and that was partly due to you going around to everyone and getting a bit of theirs.

You love peanut butter, pistacios, blue berries, strawberries, oatmeal, yogurt, quesadillas, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, chips with salsa, Squeezes (the fruit pouches), peaches, milk, and aqua.

Abuelo is still taking care of you almost every other Friday. He misses you so much when he can’t see you often. You are his little buddy. You say “Bwelo” and “Nana-nananana” lol. You’re in the process of learning all the names of everyone in the family. By looking at a picture, you know the names of Abuelo, Nana, “Can”(LOL), Drew and Sofia. You recognize everyone but not sure of the name yet, sometimes you get Gracie.

We started to get you familiar with the potty. You are very aware of when you need to be changed and that is supposed to be a sign of when you should start potty training. We’ll see how it goes.

You have a couple non-family friends, “A” and Mr. 72’s girls. You actually share and play well with A and H, but you and E are strong headed…so that’s going to take some finessing. You met Auntie J’s daughter a few months ago and you threw a peach at her forehead…we are going to have to work on how you greet the opposite sex.

You love playing with balls, magnets, balloons, the piano, the computer, my phone, puzzles, flashcards, and cars. You watch Wheel of Fortune every night before “nigh nigh”, you like Little Einstiens, Chuggington,  Seasame Street, Mickey Mouse, and Pokoyo.

Words/phrases you are saying that are cute or funny:

Bubble-Boo = W

Buttons = My Phone

Web-boes = Huevos

Silas Phone = Xylophone

Anytime I walk away – “Mommy gone” it’s so sad and cute all at the same time

“Wha happened?”

“no fit”

“It Broken”

“Go Fast”

About Mama at this point

I am trying to get into teaching middle school. Currently waiting for my test scores to come back. Meanwhile, I am working on this blog and my writing. I have a couple leads on writing for other publications so we will see what happens there. I am practicing photography more and more and really loving the creative expression it affords me. Me and Mr. 72 are still as in love as when we started dating….hasn’t been that long but most people would have calmed down by now, guess not when you are with the right person.  I’m listening a lot to The Weepies, LMFAO & Don Omar when I run or feel like dancin, John Butler Trio, Feist, Lenka, and some other alternative rock. I love being your mom and watching you grow. That’s me in a nutshell right now.

I love you more than I could ever explain. Just like I did, you’ll realize how much I love you when you have babies of your own. I hope you are happy, loved, and are working to live out your dreams. I promise I will always be there for you and to help you achieve whatever will make you happy in life. I love you S, you are my life. Happy 2nd Birthday!



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