Support and Encouragement

This past week I realized how incredible life can be when you surround yourself with people who love and support you. I’ve always had a very supportive family so it’s not like they haven’t encouraged me, they have and continue to do so. I’m a mom now, I get it, I think Silas is capable of doing everything better than anyone else could. But, it is different kind of support when people you aren’t blood related to choose to support you and believe in you. It’s basically comparing when your mom says you did something well and when your boss says you did well…’re bound to tell more people you got a compliment from your boss then your mom…..sorry ma, it’s just the way it is, love you mucho much though!

Anyhow, when I first started this blog I was unsure if I would ever share it with anyone. First because it was so personal that it was kind of like posting my diary on the high school wall. Secondly, because I didn’t think I was that good of a writer and would think people would judge me too harshly to where I wouldn’t write anymore. But I was wrong. I still don’t belive my writing is any better than anyone else’s but I have people who encourage me to do it anyway.

I started a challenge on here, as you know…holy over-post, with a friend and it’s going well. We actually got sponsors which I thought would be a pipe dream. But I was determined to actually try hard at something once in my life. Working with someone who shares the same goals and takes you seriously is a blessing.

Then this week, I decided to see if someone posted on Craigslist that they were looking for a photographer (sometimes people do) and I ended up responding to a few writing internships, two responded! We will see if anything comes of it. To be “published” somewhere besides my blog would be a bucket list dream!

Mr. 72 also had a good idea this week to take pictures of bands while recording in a studio. I LOVE this idea! He is big into music and knows a lot of people….every time I think I found out something, he knows who owns it, invented it, or he got first place in it one year. I might be exaggerating a little bit but not much. So I contact the woman that he plays drums with sometimes and asked if she wanted pictures done, she does!

I guess it is true, you just have to go for it and not be scared of failure. A little bit of luck and a bit of gusto might just get you what you want.

I’m so excited to see what happens in the next year of my life. I think it is going to be beautiful.


One thought on “Support and Encouragement

  1. So proud of you Sharon!! Yes, I knew you would someday realize what it’s like to be a mom–how proud, “hard”, and you would do anything to make this little precious being happy! I love you! I think you are a great writer! (you have a beginning, supporting details, ideas, organization, voice, and ha ha, you can tell I’m a teacher!

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