Watch out now! Sultry prize from our second sponsor, Button Bikini!!

We could not be more excited to welcome a very good friend to the sponsor pool!

Nicole with Button Bikini!


She is located on the West Coast where less is definitely more. She has introduced the seductive style of lingerie to the average bikini, making them anything but average. Frustrated with unflattering cuts and material bunching found on most bathing suits, Nicole has created a line that fits the contours of a woman’s body perfectly. Button Bikinis are designed to satisfy every personal preference, from the simple look of the Signature line, the sexiness of the Sultry line, to the naughtiness of the Wicked line. Button Bikinis are made in the USA and are also available for wholesale purchase!

Button Bikinis are great for every body! I’m not the skinniest girl in the world but could pull this off! The design flatters your body instead of pinching it in all the wrong areas! Guys who are participating, couldn’t you imagine your girlfriend (or future girlfriend) in one? Hey now! Or if it’s not your style, maybe a gift for a friend….although I recommend trying one on before you say, “I can’t wear a bikini!” I’m positive you will change your mind!

A $25 gift certificate could be yours if your photograph gets the most votes!

Thank you Nicole and Button Bikini!!

Don’t forget to follow Button Bikini on FaceBook for news and deals! If you live in Arizona, you can check out the swimsuits up close and personal at Belle Lacet in Chandler, AZ.

*Georgia Peach, Knock-Out, and Sweet Cheeks are not included in the offer.


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