Smiles First Hair Cut

Kind of. I did cut his bangs a while ago because they were in his face but this was his first all over cut. I was hesitant because I didn’t want to lose his baby curls and freaked out that he would turn his head fast and get scissors stabbed. We went to the local kids hair cut place, Abuelo and Nana in tow, and I braced myself. This place was too cute, they had TVs in all the hair cutting stalls, fun colors, activities to do while they waited and lollipops so they would sit still. The belt on the chair didn’t hurt either. This was his first time getting a lollipop too! He did so well with it, holy cherry flavored DROOL! He hasn’t figured that part out yet.

I was so glad my parents came with, it felt a lot less like I was a single mom when I can share special moments like this with family. Not that I mid being a single mom, but it makes, holidays and “first’s” hard to stomach celebrating alone. Plus my parents had been gone to Mexico to visit family for two and a half weeks so they needed some Smiles time. He’s learned so much lately and it feels like if you go more than a few days without seeing him, he’s learned a whole new set of things.

On to the pictures. His hair cut turned out great and the curls just got curlier! YAY!



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