Hey Argus!

I’m currently debating which “toy camera” to buy. I really want to try out a photography method called TTV. It’s the process in which you take an old vintage or antique camera and shoot through that with your DSLR camera. You can get amazing photographs this way that are completely original and have quirks that are hard to come by through only using your DSLR or even in Photoshop. Shimelle wrote a great post about this process that you can read here.

So, after looking at my favorite small business website, Etsy, here are some options that I am looking at. Keep in mind that the camera doesn’t necessarily need to be in working order, just good enough so the view through the view finder is clear enough and the view finder is large enough to take a picture of.  Granted it would be GREAT if the camera still worked but that is a bit hard to come by.

Any opinions? Ideas? Suggestions?


6 thoughts on “Hey Argus!

  1. Try local goodwill/ thrift shops first. Or try at ? Name but it’s on as avenue and is indoor antique mall. Ask ur sister. Take dslr with u and try b4 buying. Etsy is great but what will u do if u don’t like what u get?

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