Scary Step

I’m finally taking a giant leap of faith that people won’t bludgeon me for what I say in this blog. I want to grow as a writer and with that I want the support of family and friends. Oddly enough, it’s the hardest to share this with my family….probably because they tell me their honest opinion without filters. Thank you… but scary when it’s on something such as this which is creative and subjective to the reader.

This blog has helped me grow as a mom, sister, friend, daughter, and helped me build a strong relationship with Mr. 72. I don’t think we would have gotten too far without it. Only reason I say that is because I’m not good at communicating my feelers. This helps me to write it out and then explain it to him later. Same goes with family and friends. It suprised me how many of my friends said….”how come you don’t talk like this when we are face to face?” I guess I didn’t realize how much I didn’t share about myself and my life. I’m getting better at it. I guess I just didn’t think I was that interesting and I don’t really like talking about myself too often. I know I wouldn’t be as stable as I am now without a good outlet, like the blog, to release all my emotions. (People who were around me during the past years events thought I didn’t talk about it… I did…just to strangers on the internet.) So if you want to know me….hit that subscribe button up there cause this here is an open “book”.

… goes letting go and letting me be me.

New readers maybe you want to start with this post on my writing voice.


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