June 8 – 10, 2012

What a busy weekend! Mr. 72 and I started the weekend off by cleaning out the garage and part of his storage unit, lol. Exciting I know! But he was able to get a lot done and we even got to go to lunch at The Deli, see The Avengers, go to dinner at Pho Chandler and then I finally agreed to watch Clay Pigeons….something I had been avoiding because he said it was gory…not that bad really, it was good and had some funny parts, very quirky and strange too. I think Girl With a Dragon Tattoo (American version) messed me up because when it came to the knife/banging scene….if you’ve seen Tattoo, you know where my mind went and I closed my eyes.

The whole family also got together on Saturday for the Annual Backyard campout. Coolest thing ever. My sister hosted it, everyone went swimming, we ate, and they set up a projector and screen out back and we watched Cars 2. All the kids had blankets and tents, it was such a fun night! Plus, I figured out that I can still do a front flip off the diving board! Woot! Not too old after all!











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