45 days and counting

Uh-oh…I only 45 days to finish my Soon-ish Bucket List!! Did not realize time was going by so fast! I did take the liberty of editing down the list because some goals are no longer goals and others can’t be completed by August. For example, “Boo a Stranger” that really only works in October, otherwise you look like a ‘tard. PM Certificate, ya doing that since I have decided to go into teaching. Walk/bike more….I live in AZ, I can do this in the winter, even walking to the mailbox is like walking under a heat lamp anywhere between May and October.

Presenting the new and condensed list!

  • Already asked Mr. 72 to go hike Camelback with me…SUPER early in the morning before it gets to be 115 degrees….maybe a sunrise picnic should be in order??
  • Maybe we can do a sunset picnic camping this weekend??
  • Need to research some volunteer opportunities – Does the LOVE146 Org count? Seems like it does.

 Anyone want to help me complete anything???


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