Happy Father’s Day, Dad

You are better than the rest. I can’t really describe how incredibly lucky I am to be your daughter. You have shown us (4 kids and 9 grandkids) how to love unconditionally. You sometimes disagree with us, are disappointed with us, wish we would have chosen a different path, wish that you could make our life easier, but in all of that, you let us make our own choices and mistakes. Being a parent now, I see how hard that is to put into practice. Letting Smiles be upset or angry or make a decision that I know isn’t right, physically hurts me….and he’s just a toddler right now. I can’t imagine how hard that is going to be when I know his choices will have real consequences.
This past year has been so difficult but you never judged me, asked me to change my mind, or said you wouldn’t be there for me. You took me and Smiles in and let us stay until I got my bearings, you helped me find our new home, you always check on me to make sure I’m ok.
I can’t stress how good of a dad you are. Now at almost 30, I’m starting to see that you didn’t disagree with me because you wanted to make me mad, but because you had already made those mistakes or decisions and you were trying to save me from consequences or pains. I’m finally seeing that I can trust your judgment and that I should have the entire way. But I’m never a person to learn from someone else’s mistakes…..I know I should but for some reason I always decide to see if that other person’s mistake would also be a mistake for me….and I know you’ll be there to catch me when I fall….again.
I’ll always be a Daddy’s Girl and I’m happy to be because I have the best dad a girl could ever want. My dad is my hero, my support, my mentor.
Thanks Pops, I love you.

Screen shot of a video of me and pops doing Wii Dance Christmas 2010. Pops you are good times!


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