Smiles’ Hair

Many people have mentioned that it really is time to cut little man’s hair. I have repeatedly said “NO!”. Well…..since I am thinking of moving him into a toddler bed soon and he has yet to have his hair cut, maybe it’s time I accept the fact that my baby is growing up and not so much a baby anymore. But he’s not even 2 so…really still a baby. I do kind of feel bad every time his hair gets in his mouth or eyes so I think it’s time……but we are ONLY cutting bangs……don’t even think about suggesting I cut off those curls in the back!

Here is Smiles, crazy hair and all.

Inspiration pictures

So…here it is….I cut it because I just wanted it done. I was terrified though because I didn’t want him to turn and get scissors in his eyes… the cut was a little crooked and jagged, but it got the job done! He’s still cute, uneven bangs and all.

“Straight line”

After waking up from a good night sleep…the curls take over, I guess it didn’t matter if they were cut in a straight line! LOL

First Hair Cut….curls that won’t quit!


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