Things I said I wouldn’t do as a parent before I was a parent but now let slide….judge me if you must but you know you’ve done something similar at one point!

  • Let him walk around the house (which has white carpet) with blueberries because he won’t eat them in his highchair.
  • Watch more than one episode of Mickey Mouse b/c he’s too tired to play and if not he will go to sleep at 6:00….instead of 7:00, therefore waking up in the morning at 3:30.
  • Play ball inside ….it’s AZ, it’s hot, what else are we supposed to do.
  • Let him sleep in bed with me in the mornings…mama’s tired, this gets me at least another 30 minutes of eyes-are-closed-but-I’m-not-sleeping time
  • Let him eat more sugar than he needs…thanks Abuelo for instilling the “Cookie Monster” into my son. He now thinks pan dulce is for breakfast every day and not just a treat.

Looking back it’s kind of funny how many things I claimed that I would never do! I was even pretty liberal cause I saw all my neices and nephews and knew better than to say “I would never” but… we are!


4 thoughts on “Mom-izms

  1. I was a perfect parent before I actually became one. Like you, I have a list of many things I was not going to do or let my children do but since have done. Such is the way of parenthood, I think.

  2. I love this. Multiple reasons but mostly because I get it! I agree with your points above, and also more. I often think about this too. Some that I would add are:
    *Bribery. I always said, I won’t need to bribe my kid with stuff to do stuff. She will just be respectful and listen. WHOA was I wrong! I am the queen of bribery these days. Candy anyone?
    *I won’t let my kid leave the house looking like a mess. Now its like, ehh pajamas are fine. We’re just going to the gas station.
    *Allow her to say she doesn’t like things like healthy food. Just to get her to eat something substantial is now my goal. Who cares if that something is a corn dog. lol.

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