Mogollon Rim – Woods Canyon and Bear Canyon Lake

Mr. 72 and I woke up early on Friday morning packed up the trailer and drove north. A weekend of relaxation and good company was ahead of us and it was going to be incredible. Mr. 72 definitely needed to relax and not have anything to do and I needed to get away from the stresses of old relationships and I needed to be with my man for a few uninterrupted days.

But first he had a couple surprises for me! He got his tri-pod out of storage for me since mine is missing the attachment clip. No more propping up the camera on random objects for us! Then he bought me a book that I was trying to read on my phone, Freakonomics. So sweet, he thought he had it for me to borrow but since he didn’t, he stopped to grab it for me! He’s so thoughtful. Thanks love!

We chose to go the Mogollon Rim up near Payson, AZ. We camped in a beautiful spot in between Woods Canyon Lake and Bear Canyon Lake. It was secluded…which is what I asked of Mr. 72. I don’t like campgrounds because I want to get away from random people and noises. I go camping to be secluded from society…not meet randoms. Anyhow, this spot was amazing, we found a great spot for the trailer (I even helped navigate the trailer into place, getting much better at that!) and the campground had the right about of pine trees with enough space to still see the stars. The only problem with the campsite, not really a problem but….Cessna. Cessna was the giant sized bumblebee that you could hear from miles away. He was HUGE! But he seemed to go away for the remainder of the trip so I think he was just checkin us out.

We set up camp, ate lunch, and sat down to read and relax. We did a little fishing at Woods Canyon…no luck but still fun. That night Mr. 72 grilled me his best-I’ve-ever-eaten steak dinner with grilled veggies! We also played Gin Rummy and Mr. 72 was beating me so naturally I didn’t want to play anymore, haha. Beginners luck I tell you. The next day was more of the same, we went fishing at Bear Canyon. A couple nibbles but nothing for dinner again. Mr. 72 did lose his “hit man” sunglasses in the lake, I think my response was “Mr. 72 you better get those back!”, with a little ingenuity and the use of the fishing pole, the sunglasses were retrieved! Success!

We did a little rock crawling in the truck on the way back to camp and looking for cell reception to make sure I wasn’t needed back at home. This worked out really well cause we found the biggest camping score ever! A HUGE pile of freshly cut firewood! Whaaaa-haa-aaat? I know, right! So we loaded up and rock crawled and skid back to camp. Mr. 72 couldn’t resist sliding the back of the truck around the corners, such a boy. LOVE it!

That night we talked, ate a delicious tilapia dinner, and sat by the fire. It’s amazing that when you are with the right person, you never lack in conversation, but if you don’t talk, it’s ok to also just sit in each other’s company. We also made smores and listened to some music. Mr. 72 is so talented, the song he is writing is unbelievable. He amazes me every day and I couldn’t be more proud of him. He also let me listen to some of his band’s music, which I had never heard, loved it! (If you didn’t know already , he is one of the best ever drummers and plays bass, drums, guitar, and produces music to boot! He’s a musical visionary and mastermind…ok, might have gone overboard there, but come one, this guy is crazy talented!)

The weekend definitely went by WAY too fast and I was really sad to leave. But we had some great quality time together without distraction. I guess no amount of time is ever enough when it comes to him. But thankful that we get to do this every so often, it vital when there are kiddos in the mix! Can’t wait for our next trip….California here we come!

**Note – you can click on any of the pictures to make them bigger 🙂



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