Writing Voice Disclaimer

You know how when you are having a conversation with someone…a really heartfelt, open, honest conversation? Can you recall one of those conversations? …ok. Well, most people still filter things they want to say because it’s too much, or too mean, or too honest, or too personal. When I write, I don’t filter. That scares the CRAP out of me sometimes because I realize people read these posts. This isn’t my private journal. Someone might take something I say the wrong way. Smiles might read this one day.

I write anyway. I write the way your’e not supposed to talk, with no inhibitions, without hesitation, like a private diary. So when you read my post [directed at those in my real life] please read with this disclaimer in mind.


* no, no one has been offened yet but I can definitely see it accidentally happening one day….in advance my internal mind has no filter…sorry.


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