Music Phone Tag

I started something yesterday…not sure why really, think I was just rockin out in my car on the way home and thought…why not?


  1. Call someone…you must get their voicemail
  2. Let the song play into the voicemail…you have to do this 90’s style by holding it up to the speaker…no fancy technology tricks, good ol’ boom box with a tape player style. You know…you maybe did this for the crush you had in school…don’t be crazy…you know you did it at least once. No?…ok, maybe it was just me. Don’t judge.
  3. At the end of the call yell in the receiver (Music Tag, You’re It!). Yes, I said YELL. It’s just more fun that way…to make someone’s ear bleed, lol.
  4. See if they can figure out the song and done.
  5. If you get the voicemail from someone else…follow up with them and tell them what song it was.
  6. Then, Music Tag someone else 🙂

Silly game, yes. Fun, absolutely!

Round one: (waiting on answers)

Mr. 72 ________________

J-Money ________________


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