Rumors….why do people spread them? Why does it make some people feel better about themselves to tear other people down? Why can’t people understand that the information is usually wrong and completely over blown? ….why don’t people understand that rumors are hurtful…no matter what side of the rumor you happen to be on?

I used to listen to rumors and I still hear them all the time but what I chose to do with the information is very different than most people. [I hope not most people…maybe it just feels that way right now]. Instead of choosing to believe someone when they tell you GOSSIP, question why they are telling you in the first place, true or not. If it is a close friend then they are probably telling you the information because they think they can trust you with it and trust that you will keep it to yourself. If the information affects you or someone you care about then CHOOSE to keep the information to yourself, or at the very least try to find out the truth.

Recently I heard a rumor about someone I knew personally and I CHOSE to discuss it with the person it affected. I told them the rumor, said it was none of my business what the answer to it was, but they should know the information was out there. Done. There is no need to keep telling more and more people information that does not pertain to them.

I’m not saying I’m perfect at avoiding rumors, but at least I try. I try to believe the best in people, I try to be understanding, I try to not participate in something that is hate-filled.  

People are rude, selfish, and inconsiderate when they spread rumors. Try for one second to put yourself in that persons shoes, shouldn’t be hard, I don’t know anyone who hasn’t been the target of a rumor. Try to remember how it felt….try to remember that the rumor probably wasn’t true, or at least not in its entirety. And try to remember that when the rumor is about something so very serious and personal, don’t talk about it, don’t spread the information, be an adult and take compassion on the people who are involved. [this leads me into a whole other discussion but it pisses me off….nevermind I’m going to choose not go there to after all…see it’s a choice].

Point is…next time you hear a rumor, be kind, remember all people have feelings, everyone has information they would rather not share with the world. By you spreading the rumor, you don’t become a better person, you aren’t proving to anyone that you are superior to anyone else…just proves that you aren’t mature enough to understand that your words affect other people and that you aren’t strong enough to tell other people they are being mean.


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