The Gnat Chronicles

….yup…this little annoying thing has now persevered so strongly that he is now getting his own blog post. The gnat has been hanging out at my desk for a few weeks now. Only my desk…not my co-workers desks. He used to only show up after lunch….then he crept in during lunch…and now at 10:29 am…here he is, in all his disgusting glory.

Why don’t I kill him you ask…I try, every day. But this guy is quick…nimble, dare I say epic in his ability to outwit my swinging hand every time. I thought I killed him last week…I was so happy I told the girl who sits behind me. But what happened, next day he was back. Maybe I killed his cousin, maybe since it is Easter he rose from the dead and came back for a second round?

Either way…I’m annoyed and slightly impress by this gnat. Good luck sir….I will one day outwit your nasty ass.


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