Introduction to Runcing

 So what is runcing, you ask? Well…I’m happy to talk about it. And since my co-workers are also making fun of me for it…I thought why not blog about it.

It all started about a year and a half ago when I decided to lose some weight. I got a treadmill and started to run. Obviously listening to music at the same time. Well..sometimes I would feel the beat a little more than usual and so I would match my pace to it or shake it a little while I ran. I never really thought about it until I started to run outside and thought….people must be wondering if that girl is mentally correct?? I’m having fun and if you’re judging me then you’re obviously not having fun! Why run when you can run/dance?

The point is to shake it to the beat of the song, match your stride with the song and keep moving. Sometimes you run fast, run slow, side-to-side or skip…but definitely shake it entirely when you feel the need come over you. I guarantee (ok, I can really guarantee that but you get my drift) that you will burn more calories in one run and have more fun then you would have being self conscious and running boring-style.

Runce, dude.


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