Biff and RabbitTail

What an incredible 48 hours! Mr. 72’s birthday was a bit of an extravaganza! I knew last year wasn’t a good memory for him so this year was going to be different and I was intent on ensuring this year would be one for the record books.

Starting early at midnight AM, I text him…I wanted to be the first one to say Happy Birthday. I tried to text his as much as I could for the rest of the day to make sure he knew how much he was loved. (edited out his texts because they are not mine to share 🙂 )

It was so nice, his co-workers took him to lunch at one of his favorite places, Oregano’s (I was going to bring him lunch from here but oh well, lol). They gave him a couple gift cards…the girls knew he had a new girlfriend so they teased him with a gift card to Fascinations…haha that should be interesting.

After work we headed to our first destination…iPic in Scottsdale. This place is way cool! Huge comfy recliners with a pillow and blanket, 2 restaurant/bars right outside of the theatre, dinner and drinks in theatre…and lets talk about the bathroom for a second. I hate public restrooms…I’d rather hold it till I get home. This place…not bad. Except the toilet flushes so hard that the water spits backup on the seat…therefore, girls, you still have to hover, sorry. Back to the story, we ordered drinks, two Blue Moons, then the calamari appetizer. I got the Turkey and Brie panini and he got the Filet sliders (I think lol). All the food was delicious! We saw Project X, hilarious! Definitely a movie I could watch again….the amount of nudity though…more college level than high school…in my opinion.

After the movie we went and grabbed his truck from work 😉 and headed to our respective houses. I had made him a dessert so I had to go grab it from home. When I got back to his house I put the cake in the freezer to set and we hung out. So…..cake is set, YUM DUDE! Presenting…..

Kit Kat Ice Cream Cake

(Bottom layer is brownie, then wafer cookies, then ice cream (mixture of chocolate and vanilla pudding, chocolate ice cream and whipped cream) then topped with kit kats) Drool…..

Day After: Today Mr. 72 was finally going to do his Indoor Skydiving in eloy, AZ at SkyVenture. (Note: this was a Christmas gift that he had not used yet….this seems to be a trend with us, lol). We drove down to Eloy, about a 40 mintue drive, and got to a small strange little town. The bulk of the people seemed to be at the airport/skydiving location that day. We came to find out that a bunch of German’s were gathering to do a skydive as a huge group…like 40 of them. We missed it but I’m sure it was amazing!

Indoor skydiving…I think this is a great option for people who don’t want to jump out of a perfectly good plane or have kids and can’t risk it…or are a kid. It’s a giant windtunnel that blows you up…like a huge blowdryer…but not hot air….let’s just stick with wind tunnel.

He had so much fun! I was so happy that this was a good gift for someone who likes to consistently put his life in danger. Thank you Biff so scaring the CRAP out of me when you took Mr. 72 up into the blades!

On the way home after eating lunch at Rubio’s, Mr. 72 thought renting Vespa’s would be a lot of fun….or a nap, LOL! Well since Vespa’s are apparently not rentable in AZ….and we forgot to take a nap…Mr. 72 offered up a movie(?) or kart racing…KART RACING!! Woohoo, I’ve never done that. So off we went, adventure #2 for the day, Octane Raceway! Mr. 72 is a BIT am I but with this I had a feeling I would come in dead last….and there was my racer name in the last spot…RabbitTail in 5th, 7th and 10th place. (Note: 5th place wasn’t good, still dead last out of 5 racers, lol…some with the other 2). It was fun either way though. I couldn’t understand what I was doing wrong so I decided to say who cares and just have fun! Mr. 72 of course did very well. I’ll get you back eventually for passing me and bumping me! 😛

After racing we decided to grab something to eat. We landed at Murphy’s Law in Chandler for some Irish grub. The Irish Nachos were delicous…and the Shepard’s Pie, definitely not my fav but it was alright.

We got home pretty late so we just relaxed and Mr. 72 tried to teach me to play drums…I was a little upset with him (not going to get specific) so it wasn’t going well. But we did end up having one of the most productive conversations I’ve ever had in a relationship. Usually if I get upset I keep it to myself….Mr. 72 actually listened and validated how I felt. We talked and worked it out. Amazing how that works in a functional relationship.

Then we watched half of Hot Tub Time Machine, enjoyed some wine and then fell asleep. What a great 48 hours! I haven’t had so much pure fun and enjoyed someone’s company so much in a very long time. Happy Birthday Mr. 72! Hope it was one for the record books!


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