40 Reasons I love Mr. 72

  1. His sweetness
  2. He is an incredible dad
  3. His honesty
  4. His sense of humor
  5. He is the most handsome man I know
  6. Humble
  7. His laugh….I can replay it in my head for days after hearing it
  8. The way he communicates with me and everyone else.
  9. Respectful
  10. Full of life, he will never get old, he’s a little kid at heart, just like me
  11. His dedication to his beliefs – we may not have the same ones but I love that he holds his so close to his heart
  12. His commitment to us
  13. He shows true empathy – when someone else hurts he actually hurts
  14. His drive to success – He doesn’t do anything half-way, if he decides to do something, he will not only do it but be the best at it…proof: drums, racing, work, personal relationships
  15. Able to be himself
  16. Encouraging to everyone around him
  17. Laughs with his daughters, their happiness comes before all else
  18. Generous
  19. He doesn’t get upset when I choose to read random books rather than watch The MOTO
  20. Makes the best out of bad situations
  21. Doesn’t hold a grudge
  22. Is a man – meaning he does’t try to get out of doing things because he doesn’t want to do them, he does it happily because it will make someone else happy
  23. Enjoys helping other people
  24. Willing to try new things and have new experiences
  25. Considerate
  26. He laughs when I talk like Mr. Bean
  27. Incredibly talented drummer
  28. Has lived out his dreams and took a chance to make it happen
  29. Puts his family first
  30. Tells me his super G feelings about me
  31. Makes my son laugh
  32. Protective over what is important to him
  33. Responsible
  34. He doesn’t make fun of me when I spill, or trip…
  35. Doesn’t play games with our relationship – doesn’t test my trust, loyalty, or commitment, it’s there, don’t mess with it
  36. Makes me feel important and beautiful
  37. He is crazy Smart
  38. Other people love him and love being around him
  39. He loves and respects his parents and family
  40. When I say I want to be alone and be sad…he let’s me do that but is nearby in case I change my mind…like nearby as in 2 feet away with flowers and wine and junk food. Perfect.

Happy Birthday mi amor. I couldn’t have imagined or dreamt up a better man for me. In all my life I never imagined being so in love with someone, an all consuming love, one lifetime is not enough. I’m so excited to spend the rest of my life with you and to laugh with you until we are old and senile. You are my soul mate and the love of my life. I hope this next year is filled with love, happiness and laughter. Te amo mucho!

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